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10 AUG 01 - I just happened to get ahold of Lunch's (Dragonball) Ani-Mayhem card. All you rabid fans can check it out at Lunch Image Gallery.
Also added a page for The Key to Graciale to the Johji Manabe shrine. Check it out!

08 JUL 01 - Additional page added to the Dragonball image gallery. Check out the Lunch Image Gallery!!!
Here are some current hit counter stats for the Manga Temple:
Front Page: 1526 | Slayers: 1780 | Johji Manabe: 1121 | Steam Detectives: 3197(!!)
Who will rule the kingdom of Manga?

26 JUN 01 - Big clean-up at the Manga Temple! The html has been tweaked a bit on most pages and things generally cleaned up. As you can tell the front page here has been streamlined tremendously. Remember, if you were on the old Manga Temple Mailing list and you haven't resubscribed to the new one, please scroll down to the Bravenet mailinglist box and subscribe! after August 20 the old mailing disappears...
New image gallery added. Beautiful color covers from Japan's Newtype magazine, featuring some of my favorite Anime characters. Please check it out!

14 JUN 01 - The Johji Manabe shrine has recieved tons of updates! All pages have been updated and I have also added information on Rai, Powerful Mazegohan, Dora and Junk Party. Please check it out!

09 JUN 01 - Oi, Minna-san! Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. Just been busy (ehem*cough). Updates longtime coming! Except for adding the Image Galleries and Capricorn Manga, there hasn't been a major update in (ack!) one year! Sad, I know. But enough about that. I have now added some new stuff; not exactly Manga, but Manga related. Really nice scans from a Nadia japanese children's picture book. Full color, really vibrant stuff. Also, some really beautiful covers from Japan's Animedia magazine, featuring some of your favorite Anime and characters! Anyway, hopefully more coming soon. (big sweatdrop) If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please email me immediately! Arigato. Have fun and enjoy!

16 DEC 00 - Hey, do I keep my promises or what? (sweatdrop) Umm....ok, now presenting the Image Galleries! A collection of scans from various manga that I don't have proper shrines here for, at the Temple. Or I don't have time to do. Or whatever. Anyway, hopefully more coming soon. (big sweatdrop) If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please email me immediately! Arigato.
Speaking of, we now finally have scans from the Capricorn Manga on the Capricorn page! Generously donated by Dawameren-chan! 17 different panels and pages from the Thai language version of this Manga. A must see for any rabid Manabe fan! What are you waiting for? Haiyaku!! Here's the link: Capricorn Manga Gallery.
Also, one problem I've noticed with angelfire lately (amongst many), is that if you click on a link to another page on the same server, it tells you it's invalid, even though it isn't. Angelfire's own pages (for example, their HTML library) even do this. So if you're surfing through this site, and you come across this problem, just hit reload, or back and try the link again. Please email me, if you have any trouble or notice any problems.

10 Oct 00 - Gome Nasai 0_0 !!! I haven't updated this site in soooooo long. I'm sure you don't need to hear any excuses. Believe it or not, I am (was) working on some miscellaneous Manga image galleries, which I may be able to complete soon. Some featured titles include Dragonball, Fushigi Yugi, Battle Angel, 3x3 Eyes and Blade of the Immortal. It seems, however, that the Temple was doing fine during my "absense". The counter on the Steam Detectives shrine is over 900 and Slayers Medieval Mayhem is over 1000! One bit of maintainence I did do lately was weed out all the webrings that never added me (baka!). Yosha! That's all for now. Lots more updating real soon (cross your fingers).

18 June 00 - Steam Detectives shrine is complete! Lots and lots of pics, plus a shrine to Ling Ling Hsu! Check it out!

01 June 00 - Outlanders shrine is complete! Lots of pics and info on the Manga and also the OVA and RPG as well. Check it out. Next project, Steam Detectives!

21 May 00 - Slayers shrine is doing quite well. Over 462 hits (yatta!!). Manabe shrine is almost complete, just need to work on the Outlanders page. It will probably be one of the biggest! Understandable, considering this epic tale deserves alot of representation. My next project will be the Steam Detectives shrine, which will also include a Ling Ling shrine >^-^< heh heh!!

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