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Posted By: PoohLilly The current mood of at
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.... and welcome!*S* Well I am changing everything. My new pixel site's name is Moxie Pixels. I hope to have everything switched over in about a month. I will have my beaded jewelry, my pixel site, a recipe site and my web design site all connected. My design site will be last since I have only made a few. Everything will have the "Moxie" name before it....sooo my jewelry site is Moxie Jewelry.....ya know like that.

Things have gotten so hectic around here. Adrienne just turned 9! Alexis is in pre-K. She's in only half a day so I don' get much time to myself LOL. I am taking 3 courses this term! Yikes!!!! I hope to have my BA in Web Design by January of next year. Anyway take care and check back soon! *smooches* - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian Entertainment
If you are interested in buying anime, games or Japanese toys
like Final Fantasy figurines click the FF banner to Play-Asia!
This site has a WHOLE lot of hard to get stuff even soundtracks
for your favorite RPG's. I got A Chrono Cross soundtrack and it's awesome!!

If you are vistor #10,000
send me a screenshot and
you get a little gift from me :)

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Fantasy Fights Proud Member and Sprite!!!CHN!!!

Thanks Nancy!! FOOD FIGHT!!! CHN!!! CHN!!! - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian Entertainment

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I made these plushies myself! I used a base by Dolling Passion *site is gone :(*
Please feel free to adopt one of these but please link me back!
Thank you!

These are Plushies I got at

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