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*~PoohLilly's Garden~*

*~Alexis Barnes~*
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This is my little one Alexis. Alexis is 2 years old. Her birthday is May 12. She is the busiest 2 year old I have ever seen!!! Alexis is a climber! She will climb anything. Even though she is small she makes up for all that with her mouth! She is loud loud loud!!! My dad calls her "Squeaky" because the very first time he held her she squeaked like a little mouse. LOL. Alexis doesn't talk much but she loves to say a few things like apple, banana *sounds like anana*, momma, Grada *her grandad*, Nonnie*grandmother*, Adrienne *sounds like Agen*, I poo and NO! She says a few things in Spanish that she got from one of her favorite shows Dora the Expoler and Go! Diego Go! Her other favorite show is "The Backyardigans". She loves to sing along. And last but not least she loves.......Spongebob Squarepants but when she says it it sounds more like "'punbobpanpans!" so funny!!!

Half naked in her highchair :)

Asleep in her car seat after we took Adrienne to school.

Alexis eating Starburst.

Eating more Starbursts....