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Contest Rules!

1. NO x-rated crap! I'm just going to delete it so
you might as well not even send it in.

2. ABSOLUTELY no drag and drops. You can use a dollmaker
IF you heavily edit the doll and clothing :)

3. NO "frankendolling."If you are new to the dolling
community, this is where you turn in a doll you didn't make,
or make a doll using parts of other people's dolls.

4. NO HUMONGOUS or KISS dolls. Dolls should not be any bigger than

5. .gif please! PLEASE try to send your doll as
a transparent .gif(UNLESS you can't get the background
transparent: then, for heaven's sake please send a .bmp
and I will TRY to fix it. Absolutly NO jpgs, or jpegs they look yucky for some reason >.<.

Send Entries to this e-mail address: Erica

What to send:

1. Your name
2. Your email address
3. Your URL
4. Doll in transparent .gif format!!!
5. BASE CREDIT!!! or dollmaker URL!!!! PLEASE!!!
6. Please put name of contest in subject line of e-mail.


After I aquire at least ten entries I will set a one week
deadline (just in case anyone has a last minute entry).
Voting will begin the next Monday after.

There will then be a grand, first, second, and third prize.
There will also be a Adrienne's choice. I will be letting my 6year old
pic her favorite, that is not already a winner.

Each winner will receive a Winners Stamp/banner.
The grand prize winner will also get a link on the site FOREVER!!!!

Voting is done by one of my forum groups ^_^that way we
can avoid the problems of mass voting and junk like that.

Current Contest:

What flavor Pocky would you be?

If you have never heard of Pocky...SHAME ON YOU!!!
Just kidding! Actually it is a great Japanese snack.
Wheat biscuit sticks dipped in various flavors of
creams, mousses and yogurts.

For this contest I would like you all to come up with
a flavor of Pocky that fits your personality!
You can make a current flavor or just make one up :)
Here is an example of what I am looking for:

Chocolate Mousse Pocky ^_^

Okay um no rules on this one cause it is fairly simple
and I don't think there are any Pocky pixels out there to
copy or frankin'pix from so go wild and have fun!!!

I will post entries here when I get them :)

Last Contest:
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Yule Ball Contest!!!

Check out the winners!
Participation banner


Base by: Pixel Punks *site is down*

base url not available

Base by: Angy Chan

Base by: Guinevere

No base