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*~Awards I won~*

2005 Awards:

I got this cute Barrel of Monkeys award from Bill at
Anaheim Angels Forever! (Sports Goofy Center)
Thank you Bill!!!
Be sure to go and visit his site. Very well put together and interesting to boot. I learned quite a bit about Baseball and teams names. Check it out for yourself :)

2004 Awards:

2003 Awards:

Got this from entering Dell's contest


I won fifth place at Xandorra's 4 seasons contest.

.:Base by:.

Base by: Kiss me Sweet
I won 3rd in Lost Studios Gothic Lolita contest!

.:Older Awards:.

Silly Janine

St. Patrick's Day Contest!

Lord and Lady Contest

Ballerina Contest

Silent Child's Base Edit

Silent Contest

Miss Doll America
Miss Hawaii