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~Thursday, January 5, 2006~*
Happy New Year!!! Well it is a new year. My new year resolutions are to have my site COMPLETELY updated, get A's in all my classes and to lose at least 75 lbs. My best friend is getting married!!! YAY Jamie!! I still haven't gotten a divorce....*sigh* my boyfriend is still living in St Louis *cries* My grandmother, cousin Sherry and cousin Stanley all passed away this past year. I hope this year will much better. I am actually taking classes at Kaplan University to get my degree in Web Design. I think that is least for now ha ha ha!!

~*Tuesday, February 1, 2005~*
Wow. I haven't updated this in almost 2 years. I guess having my own LJ kept me from updating here. Well I had my matter of fact she is almost 2. I had her May 12. Yeah I was supposed to have her on the 21st but I got severe indigestion and that made me go into labor early. Good thing cause that lil fat rascal was already 9 lbs!!! 2 more weeks and she woulda been 11 lbs or more. Anyway her name is Alexis. She is the busiest baby I have ever seen!!! On top of that my stupid husband left so I hope to get a divorce very very very soon. Everything else is just peachy keen. Anyway I'm going back to school to be a medical office manager. Ok I guess I'd better go. that baby of mine is too quiet lol.

~*Sunday, March 30, 2003~*
Okay if any one still reads this here is an update.I updated
My doll links page and my adopted dolls page. I'll try to
update the whole site tonight...errr...this morning. It's 2:48
in the morning. I can't sleep cause I have another
cold *yippee skippy* anyway if anone wants to keep up with
me I normally keep my Live Jouranl updated. Here is the link my name is Poohlilly! TTFN!

~*Tuesday, February 25, 2003~*
Well I managed to get a few pages updated!! My sisters page, New page and Dolls Mainpage have all been updated. I still
need to update my links pages. I hope to get that done soon
Well off to bed!! I need rest. I have a nasty cold and I
can only take Tylanol cold >.< I gotta go to work in the
morning too...waaaaaa!!!!

~*Tuesday, February 18, 2003~*
Well it seems as though I will not be getting stuff done on
here. I may go on vacation until I can get things going
before I have the baby. Well later!!

*~Sunday, February 09, 2003~*
WOA!!! I guess I need to check up on this sucker it's been 2 months since I updated this part. Sawwy :( Well I am now 6 months and I am SO ready to have this baby now. Heartburn is EVIL!! I am going to TRY to get things done around here. I got a new comp so I have to put all my stuff I had on my old one on this one. I have made some dolls but I haven't changed them from bmp to gif files yet :( I hope I'll have some up by Valentine's day. Nap time! Gotta go! *hugs* :)

*~Friday, November 29, 2002~*
It's been a loooong time since I last blogged. Well we are finally moved into our new house!! We didn't get a chance to move in until the 20th of November. I'll find out what I am having on the 13th of December and my due date is....MY BIRTHDAY! May 21. If they find that I have GDiabieties then I'll have the baby earlier. Well I am gonna go now. I haven't hooked up my computer at home yet so I'm using my parent's and my dad just got msn 8 and it's totally messed up his comp >.<.
Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!! *hugs*

*~Sunday, October 27, 2002~*
OMG!!! I have been gone for a loooooong time. Well alot has happened to me in these past few months. I moved out of my apartment into my oarent's house. We will be moving again into our own home on November 8 YAY!!! I also found out that we are going to have another baby!! YAY!! I have a doc appointment on the 4th of November so maybe I'll find out how far along I am..since I have NO CLUE!! >.< okay well I'm going to try to get this site update for Halloween...wish me luck LOL Later!

*~Sunday, June 16, 2002~*
UGH!! I FINALLY have this site up and running a lil better than it was before. I have so much going on right now that I don't have enough time to do everything. I just got a job that I will start tommorrow morning so wish me luck!! :D I am very excited about starting a new job. I haven't worked since I had Adrienne. The office is very nice but it is a small company. I'm glad that they only hired me for part time right now. I wanted to start back working slowly. Full time would have been jsut too much for me right now. I am trying to get all my dolls update and update a few pages. I added some adoptables so check those out. I finally added my new sister page. I feel so bad not having it up sooner. Cloud is such a sweetie to be so patient and nice about me not having it all up sooner. She made a cute banner for us so check it out! I have been in constant chatty e-mails with Skye. She has become one of my best friends since I've started making dolls. Everyone at the DCS Chat group have also been so nice and I absolutly adore them!!! You should check out my DCS page and sign up!! I need to ask to trade more dolls!! BTW if you are not part of DCS please do NOT adopt any of those dolls. Speaking of adopting dolls... now that I have PSP7 I will be redoing my doll pages. They look so sad cause they were made in jpg so they are soo fuzzy!! Yuck! I will hopefully have things looking better around here very soon. I have seen alot of people with Shame Walls. Well I have decided to make a Weirdo Shrine. I got a very strange e-mail from someone so I decided to make a page and that e-mail will be the first on there!!!!LOL!! well I have got to get going. I need my rest for tommorrow!! :D Night!!

*~Thursday, May 23, 2002~*
Sorry about the lack of updates. I have been in a lil funk lately. Well I am now 26! My birthday was the 21st. My uncle who is visiting from St. Louis is going to give me enough money to pay for half of the PSP 7 YAY!!! As soon as I get my new PSP7 I will be making new dolls :) and I will be fixing up my site. I think I will be getting rid of my old dolls to make room for all the new ones. I was also thinking about hosting a contest. I just don't know what to make the theme yet. i want it to be fun and original. Okies well If anyone has any ideas for me e-mail me pwease. <:3)~ mousie

*~Saturday, May 4, 2002~*
Hello! Well I am finally able to get back online after a massive black out we had on Thursday. Our electric company caught on fire!! Can you believe that?!?! Geez...ok well I did make some lil toddler dolls from a base I got at Pixel Punks

This doll I made from a picture of my daughter at my lil Bro's graduation. Oh! My site has almost hit 1,000 visitors!! YAY!!! I will give a prize to everyone who signs my guest book the day the counter hits 1,000!!
Ok well I'm about to go work on my site some more. TTFN!!

*~Sunday, April 30, 2002~*
Well I finally finished making most of my dolls transparent. I am going to go back and re-do all of my old dolls that I can and redo my quilt in the Adoptions section. I also am about to add 2 more sections of adoptions. Not gonna tell what they are you will just have to wait and see when I get it up and running. I have my DMMS (Doll Makin' Military Spouses) page up and running. i have stuff to add to it but at least it is up now!! I have added some dolls from my sister site AND I won the title of Miss Hawaii in the Miss Doll America Contest!! YAY for me!!!! TTFN!!!

*~Friday, April 25, 2002~*
Hello! I have been busy making new dolls and using the gif works to make all my dolls transparent. I am going back to all of my dolls and adopted stuff to make them easier to see and adopt. I have over 50 to do so please be patient!! Here is a lil dollie I decided to make from Av Squad. Please check them out.

I have been doing alot of self portraits and dolls that look like my daughter Adrienne. I am working on lil toddler dolls. I got the base from Pixel Punk I'll have dolls of Adrienne and my cousin Nia when she was a lil toddler. I STILL haven't had a chance to finish making my pages for !!Doll Makin Military Spouses or my bases credits page!!! ARRGGHHH!!!! So much to do so little time!! TTFN!!!

*~Monday, April 22, 2002~*
Hey I have up a new section called Fantasy. I just finished putting it up. It has a whole bunch of mermaids I made from different bases! Here is are 2 that I LOVE!!

I made these using Mermaid fins made by Faery Grrl & mermaid base made by K'Vitlyr's Bases
I hope you like them. I hope to have a list of the Dolls on the menu so you don't have to hunt them down all over my site. I will be making a Doll Base Links page soon. I use soooo many different bases that I need to make a page to credit all the great makers!!ok well that is all for now! TTFN!!

*~Thursday, April 18, 2002~*
Ok people I am working on changing the doll pages. I need some suggestions on how I can make my site easier to navigate!! I would like everyone to see my newer dolls without having to go thru all the old ones every time!! I was thinking of changing this part and putting new dolls in here instead of the blog. Well we shall see. I have updated a few pages. The Harmony page is now up and running. The Fanatasy page is up and I have some new contest entries. I have been a contest entering fool lately! Here is 2 of them.

Base by Josie's Dolls

Base by K'Vitlyr's Cissy base Ok back to changing everything TTFN!!!

*~Monday, April 8, 2002~*
I HAVE A SISTER SITE!! YAY!!! Unfortunatly her site is down :( poor thing is having probs with aol. Hopefully she will be up and running soon. She had some contest going so we shall see how they go once she is back up and running. I have her doll up on my DCS page if other DCS members want a look. Also I have a whole page just for her :) ummmm...let's see what else.... OH!! I got a site award from Fuchsia Bubbles Please visit her site. It is a really cute site!! I still am working on my Military Spouse page. If you are a Military spouse please visit and join!!Doll Makin Military Spouses

*~Monday, April 1, 2002~*
I know it has been awhile since I last updated but here it is!! I have joined two really great communities!! Doll Makin Military Spouses and The Doll Society! I will have pages up and running for both very soon. I have the DCS page up put not much is on it yet. If anyone wants to trade dolls just e-mail me!! Anyway I have put up a Site of the Month page also. I don't know what I am going to do with it just yet. I may give out awards for it but I haven't decided yet. I have been so busy lately trying to get Adrienne into daycare (finally)and getting a job for myself. I have updated My Awards page and My Contest Entries. I am STILL working on getting more dolls up. I have made sooo many since I have started that I don't even have a fraction of them up yet!! I got a trial version of PSP and when I get the money I think I will get the full version. I just gotta figure out how to make my dollies transparent and I'll be a happy camper. Ok well I guess that's it for now! TTFN!!!!

*~Tuesday, March 19, 2002~*
I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Well I finished re-editing all my pages...I think >.< anyway if you see any broken links just tell me please. I have entered in a few more contests and have won 2 more awards so please check those out. I am working on a few more contest entries and my first KISS doll from Emby Quinn's KISS doll site. I'll have a link up soon. TTFN!

*~Monday, March 11, 2002~*
4:27 am
I just finished changing the splash and main page. It has taken me HOURS to get this right!! Ah well I like the results and I hope you do too! I have an award and some other things to add to my site and hopefully I will have that all done by tommorrow night. TTFN!!

*~Thursday, March 7, 2002~*
2:39 am
I have been working on adding new pages and re-editing old ones. The About me page is better. I have added a photo album of Adrienne, Awards I have won page and Gifts for me page! I hope you enjoy my new pages! TTFN!

*~Friday, March 1, 2002~*
5:06 am
Today is my mother's birhday!! YAY!! We have been planning so many surprises for her that I just can't wait! I also have entered my first doll contest at Miss Doll America Contest. Wish me luck! If you would like to see the doll I entered just look under *~YOU~* I have a page just for my contest dolls. I will be entering in more once I have my site under control. I have also added more adoptables and please remember not to adopt them from me but from their original owners. Thank you! well I guess that is all for now. TTFN!!!

*~Thursday, February 28, 2002~*
5:27 am
I have put up 2 more pages of silents, one page of Handmade dolls (Brides)and a group of WebRing Banners. The banner on the bottom right is not part of the WebRing. It is a Banner I have made. I will be finishing up making my Goths soon because I have no goths up at all!! :( TTFN!!

*~Wednesday, February 20, 2002~*
3:15 am
I finally have my Internet connection prob all fixed! Yay!! I have put up some new dolls called Brattz! I got them from 2 sites Josie's Dollz and Trinity's Thanks to both for the inspiration!! :) Anyway I am working on more dolls (nothing new there!) and more pages. I have created a Credits page that is going up as soon as I am done with this and a Doll Adoptions page (where I will put up dolls I have adopted from other sites). My absolute favorite site right now is Josie's Dollz. She is the most talented doll maker I have seen so far. Please go check her site out! Okies gotta run! TTFN!!!

*~Sunday, February 3, 2002~*
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I have no internet connection at home so I have to make my updates when I am over at my parent's house. I have changed the way my site looks...again....>.< I hope I like this one better. Anywho hope I can get more dolls up tonight......*crosses fingers*

*~Saturday, January 19, 2002~*
8:48 pm
Well I gave my daughter a birthday party yesterday!
She will be 3 on the 22nd. I have not been able to
get any more dolls up because I am in the process
of revamping the look of my site. I hope you will
all like the new look!!

*~Tuesday, January 15, 2002~*
1:10 am

Well I have been busy. I have made some punks
and goths that I will try to get up soon. I just
put up some cute lil animal adoptions so check them
out!!! okay well I'm off to work on getting more of
my dolls up. TTFN!!!

*~Monday, January 7, 2002~*
12:08 am

Well I am sorry I haven't been updating. Been so busy
lately with relatives and such. :( I took
my Christmas decorations down today...oh well
anyway I have made a few more dolls and will TRY
to get them uploaded today. I am gonna make some
goths and such soon!! Okies TTFN!!!

*~Thursday, December 27, 2001~*
10:12 pm

Happy Happy Happy Holidays everyone!! I am soo sorry
that I haven't been updating but it has
been so hectic around here with out of town relatives
and kids to watch that I have been
too busy to be online. I still have Holiday dolls
that I haven't gotten up yet!!! Oh well...I'll get
them up before New Years!!! Okay peeps laters!

*~Tuesday, December 25, 2001*~
8:00 pm

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I will be updating soon!
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!

*~Monday, December 17, 2001~*
10:21 pm

I just downloaded a game called PrincessMaker 2 from
a friend of mine. It's an old game but it's
fun. I will be dividing my time from the afghan that
I am making for someone, a PSX game, my PM2 game
and this site. I am gonna be busy!!! :) okay well
oh I added a new link to my list and I am gonna
be adding another soon. I made my first set of
Teenies recently. I will be adding them in a section
called Adrienne and Lil People. I named it after
my daughter cause most of them that I make look
like her. I don't make a lot of the teenies,
minis and silents so I just combine them in one
section. I will have them in seperate sections for
the Angel & Faerie, Holiday and Special groups.
Well if anyone has any suggestions please e-mail
me I would love to hear everyone's ideas!!!!! TTFN!!!

*~Sunday, December 16, 2001~*
11:40 am

Well I didn't get anything done last night :(
I got so into Luigi's mansion after I put the baby
to bed that I didn't get back on to do any work. Sooo
I am determined to get some done now....okay uh..
I guess I had better get started!! TTFN!!!

*~Saturday, December 15, 2001~*
7:49 pm

Well peeps. My baby brother is home from college for
Christmas break. Now that I have seen him...
he can go back now!!! Little brothers are soo annoying
even when they are 20!!! Nah my bro is
okay. He even let me play his Gamecube...all of 5 min
okay well I will try to get more dolls up
tonight...wish me luck >.< TTFN!!! *~Thursday, December 13, 2001~*
9:34 pm

I am sorry I haven't been able to update.
I have been having trouble with my modem or server
not sure which. Anyway I kept getting dissconnected
and it got very frustrating so I just didn't get on
Lucky for me I got some help from MSN and they fixed
my prob...for now anyway. Well in the mean
time I made some new dolls. They are wonderkins and
I made like 3 pages of them I just have to put
them up now :) well TTFN!!!

*~Sunday, December 9, 2001~*
9:00 pm

Today I helped put up my parent's Christmas tree
and some decorations around their house. I have
already put my tree up and a few decorations up at
my own house. I have more to do :) My mom
gave me some garland and bows for the front door.
And thanks to the cold front that gave New England
some in the sunshine state we got rain :(
oh well so much for going to the park!!

*~Saturday, December 8, 2001~*
5:00 pm

This is my first blog thingy. I will try to keep this
updated as often as I can.
Today it rained so we had to stay in :(
Oh well maybe tommorrow we'll get to go to the