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Birthday Gift from Azaria! Thank you!! Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!?

 My score at Pixelled Reviews

Site award from Poohish Corner

Vote From your Heart

 Isn't this cute!?!?!

she makes the cutest stuff!
these were made by Erica @ Erica's creations!!

Thank yous!

Mardi Gras 2004!
Isn't he cute?!?!
Valentine Gifts 2004!!

Isn't this so cute! Thanx Skye!!

From Nile cute!

Thank you's from Vote Exchange:

.:Erica's Creations:.

These were given to me by one of my VE supporters!

.:Petals in the Wind:.

This is from one of my VE supporters!
.:We will never forget:.

.:Erica's Creations:.

.:Lost Studios:.

This is a gift from one of my VE supporters!!

Gifts from sister site Lost Studios

Gift from sister site Lost Studios Skye!! She's so sweet!!

Gifts from Skye :)

This is from one of my bestest friends Carla...who by the
way lives in PA with all the nice snow!!

I have a 2 gifts from my sister site Cloud Ten

Happy New Year from my sis Cloud Ten!!

Thank you!!

I won Best Gryffindor at Cajun Kitty


My friend Carla sent me this for Christmas!!

Ain't it beautiful!!

I am in the Miss Doll USA Pagaent!
Miss Hawaii

I won an award at Cloud Ten!!

Here is a Thanksgiving Present from my sister site Cloud Nine

Here is a Halloween gift from one of my DCS chat buddies!
She is so talented!! I think I adopted some of her dolls
so check out her site! (I'll put up the URL soon)

Cute Halloween Pooh from my sister Skye! *hugs*
She's the bestest!! ^_^


This is from my brother Adrian. I have no clue
where he got it from. It's Baby Samus!! For those
of you who do not play video games she is the
hero of the Metroid series :)

Please do NOT adopt!

These are from one of my bestest friends, Carla
She made these for me and my hubby Vince.
Ain't she sweet?!
Yay!! My first gift! Thank you Skye!

More gifts from Skye YAY!!! :)