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Turbo-X  PC 8088  (1986 Model)

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A really old pc. I bought the specific one from someone who used to have a beauty shop or something like that. As a result it still has inside the software he was using and the pricing of the various..operations, also some customer names which he forgot to erase, their phone numbers and everything. God i feel lucky

This monster set (for 1986) built by Aviette, model TXT16 PLUS was a very good business machine as it consists of the following "hard to find" for 1986:

  1. 640KB of built it memory

  2. one 5.25 inch and 360KB of capacity floppy drive

  3. HANTAREX monochrome monitor     (Hantarex used to construct the best monitors)

  4. IBM DOS Version 3.30 by Microsoft

  5. Turbo-X mainboard      (one of the best mainboards at that time)

  6. 20MB of Hard drive

  7. 8 ISA Slots   (wow !! )

Click on the pictures below for larger versions of them



The Back

(1 printer port, monochrome adapter, keyboard port, mains lead)



The screen


The inside

From left to right: floppy disk controller, monochrome adapter, Hard disk controller (yes the large one).       The hard disk resides below  the floppy drive and is really large in size.


The front

We can see the floppy drive the keyboard the keylock for locking the keyboard, the turbo button and the reset  button. Also 3 leds, for indicating the hard drive activity the power and the turbo enabled led.




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