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Sun SPARCstation IPX   (1989)

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Processor(s): Fujitsu MB86903 or Weitek W8701 @ 40MHz, FPU on
CPU chip, Sun-4c MMU, 8 hardware contexts,
28.5 MIPS, 4.2 MFLOPS, 21.8 SPECint92,
21.5 SPECfp92, 517 SPECintRate92, 510
Chassis type: lunchbox
Bus: SBus, 2 slots
Memory: 64M physical; 64K write-through cache,
direct-mapped, virtually indexed, virtually
tagged, 32-byte lines
Architecture: sun4c
Notes: Code name "Hobbes". 4M or 16M x 33 72-pin SIMMs.
Onboard GX-accelerated cg6 color framebuffer
(not usable with mono monitors, unlike SBus
version). Picture of Hobbes (from Watterson's
"Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip) silkscreened on
motherboard. 1.44M 3.5" floppy.




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