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Hyundai Super 16V  (1990 Model)

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A 8088 business pc but newer model than the Turbo-X of my collection and a little better in some ways. This one was my first pc and had MS-DOS 3.30 , 50 Mb's of disk space, 2 disk drives 5.25" & 3.5" , 4 ISA slots, and a color adapter.

This pc has many improvements and a really small mainboard with impressive built in features in contrast with Turbo-X.

Detailed Specifications:

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The inside

Like Turbo-X it is a very nice business machine. I happened to buy this pc because in my dads work they had many units like the above (at 1990) , so his colleagues suggested him to buy this one for me, and i was very satisfied with that too. Thanks dad !


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