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Compaq Portable II   (1985)

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This luggable pc has 286 processor, integral green hercules CRT monitor and has twin 5.25" 360k floppy drives or one floppy drive and 10Mb hard disk. System has standard 40 pin IDE hard disk controller card (Compaq were the first to use IDE standard) although the one I had has a MFM drive with an adapter to the IDE port. May have an ethernet card and/or 1200 baud modem. Released circa 1985.


In a snap:

Announced: February 1986
Price: US$3879
Weight: 26 pounds
CPU: Intel 80286, 8MHz
RAM: 640K
Storage: 30 Meg hard drive
Display: 9" monochrome monitor built-in
Ports: 1 parallel, 1 serial, 1 CGA.
  80 X 25 text
  One 1.2Meg 5.25-inch disk drive




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