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Microsoft Version History

Before you click on the above link we have to clarify something's. First of all UNIX was the first operating system (1969) and Microsoft Windows was just a copycat of its earlier operating systems which are: CP/M, UNIX and MacOS


The operating systems I own till now are:

I also got some old games and utilities for the above platforms.


Looking for:

-if anyone of you has an old computer that he/she wants to ger rid of, please dont throw it away, contact me. I'm located in UK.

You'll need a bootable ISO image CDROM. You'll need a SCSI CDROM drive with a 512k block size (most Toshiba and NEC mechanisms support this) set to SCSI ID #6. At the prom prompt, type "b cdrom" or "boot cdrom", depending upon which prom revision you're using - in many cases, either will work, but if one doesn't the other will. If you're looking for a copy of Linux, has downloadable ISO images you can burn onto a CD yourself. If you don't have a burner, cheapbytes sells very inexpensive copies.



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