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Amstrad NC100 Notepad   (1991)

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Processor Z80
Screen LCD
480 x 64 pixels
(80 x 8 chars)
RAM 64kb
Backup PCMCIA slot
(Max. 1Mb)
Ports Parallel Centronics
Serial RS232
'Sticky shift' for disabled users Yes
Power supply 4 x AA cells
6V Mains adaptor
Word Processor --  48,000 word spell-checker,Macros
Mail merge, Protext, Wordstar 3.3 and ASCII file formats
Calculator -- Delete feature, 12 digits, Large display, Memory Yes
Diary -- Uses word processor to edit entries, dates from 1920 to 2099
Calendar display, Print by day/week/year
Address book -- Find feature, Import address into document
Use as mail-merge data file
Time -- Six alarms with messages, Six editable time zones
Computer switches on to activate alarm
BBC BASIC programming language Yes
Serial Terminal Yes
Games -- Blockade, Super Blockade, Trikade No
Spreadsheet -- Cracker compatible, Draws and prints graphs/charts No




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