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Shelby and her friend that lives next door.

Told you I like to fish and yes, I'm one that releases any that aren't to be eaten. These are some Black-nosed Crappie. They put up a good fight and only bass outrank crappie as a sportfish here in Tennessee. You can tell these are black-nosed crappie by the distinguished black strip running from the dorsol fin to the lower jaw. Most of Tennessee's reservoirs were initially more populated with white crappie than with black crappie, but as the waters cleared up, the white have now declined in number and given rise to the black crappie.


1. What did Lian tell Jenny she would learn to do if Jennifer learned to ride a horse? Ride a bike.

2. Jennifer's occupation? Writer

3. Lian and Jennifer's favorite drink was? Cognac

4. Carling ejected one CD and slid in another on her way to the Catskills, What were they? Took out Cher's Believe and put in Fleetwood Mac's Mirage.

5. What could be seen outside Carling's bedroom window? An Apple Orchard.

6. How old is Kate? Almost Forty according to Willa and Booth's conversation, however, Kate is 38, so both answers would be accepted.

7. What is the name of Kate's Chief Jailer? Daniel Booth

8. Finley's parents have a cat named? Cleopatra is her real name, but Finley affectionately calls her Ms. Fur Ball.

9. Andrea told Finley that Fletcher left the park to learn what? University (Education-degrees), Forestry training, Park management, and her Pilots License.

10. The name of the creature at the Historical Find? Microraptor Gui

11. The name of the new robust Female Cook? Burley Morgan

12. Who attended the sweat lodge with Fletcher? Susan Running Wolf

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