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Disclaimers: This site features strongly consensual relationship between adult women, and some inferred f/m relations. Love is love, no matter where or with whom it is found. So, if this bothers you, is illegal in the State, Province or Country you live, or if you are under the age of 18, please find something else to read. There are many general stories out there more acceptable for you. The stories on this site may contain strong language, as well as brief scenes of hurt, comfort, or violence. The subplots often deal with self-discovery, relationships, diversity and ethnic backgrounds, and lastly the concept of Soulmates and the Forever Kind Of Love.


Welcome to Ravenís nest. Perhaps, you will find an egg or two you can crack, which will spark your interest in reading. If poetry is your egg, Iím frequently jotting down a verse or two of things that come into my life and have meaning to me, and sometimes, they will be posted for your pondering pleasure. If you enjoy lengthy tales with though out plots, a bit of history, a few spicy, but hopefully delicately written love scenes, more descriptive details than you probably wanted and interesting characterizations, then hopefully youíll find the eggs on the story page may hold your attention for more than one story.

Whatís New will be updated as often as possible with different items that might be of interest. For example, I love photography, and you might find a seasonal scene of someplace Iíve been or something or someone Iíve shot. Being partial to Florida where I lived for so long, and now Tennessee, you can be pretty sure that Iíll post something from there every now and then.

The Odds & Ends is just that, anything that is of interest to me that I would like to share with you. For instance, my photographs, emails containing reviews or comments of the stories, or even one of my favorite recipes-broccoli cornbread or vegetarian stew might show up there for a time. LOL

Thank you for visiting the nest for a few minutes. Hopefully your time with us has been fruitful and youíve found something that generated a little pleasure.

If you have comments about the site, or the materials you find here and want to send me an email, youíll find the mailbox below. If you find technical problems with the site, a page or section, please let my Web Mistress know the difficulty. She can be reached at:

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