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Discovering fan fiction on the Internet the late nineties began an amazing, and totally unexpected adventure for me. Finally, I was able to read stories about some of my favorite television and movie characters and found myself with an entire new interest in reading… or to taking an interest in actually writing stories myself for others to read.

I have been writing ever since I was a child, and penned my first story at the tender age of eight, while sitting on our back porch looking into the grove of pecan trees filled with an array of birds. Always considered I came by the writing bug honestly, as my Mother was a published short story writer and poet. Also, believe she is responsible for my love of reading and books of all kinds, as she instilled in me the love of our local library, and adding to my own collection of books.

In the second grade, I wrote a play about Christopher Columbus, which my class performed on the radio, with me playing the part of Columbus. A huge illustrated map of the world with all the explorer’s routes drawn in was another grammar school accomplishment in the fourth grade. The preparation of that map and extensive readings of those explorers helped to develop my life long interest in history.

Although I continued through the years to write poetry and still do, I finally wrote a short story I thought was good enough to post on a popular site on the Internet. The story, On The High Cliff, received more notice than I could have imagined, and from that came a small following of readers, which I treasure highly.

A Length Of Joy, a very lengthy story was actually written before On The High Cliff was posted, but feeling it needed polishing and rewrite, I never posted it to the Internet. A few of my readers have read this story, and some say it will always be their favorite. (Big Grin.)

Her Sole Desire was posted to two of the most popular sites on the Internet in 2003, and seemed to been well received. It has some of the characters in A Length of Joy, and has lead to many ideas for a series on those and other characters. Her Sole Desire won the Charani’s Award of Excellence in Fiction For Ethnic Or Religious Diversity in August of 2003, an award that I cherish. Not for the award itself, but for what it stand for…Diversity.

The third of the series is my favorite to date, and was actually the easiest story written and you’ll find it in the story section.


As a young child, I had an inborn love of history and coupled with an always-overactive imagination, it is no surprise that I have utilized these skills in my writing with many historical scenes in my stories.


Born on May 27 in Jesup, Georgia, a small rural town in the Southeastern corner of the state, not too far from Savannah and Waycross.


There have been many influences on my life and writing over the years .In my earlier years it would have been the classics. In more recent years, my greatest influences have been Poets such as Lord Byron, the Brownings, A.B. (Banjo) Patterson, and Henry Lawson, and it goes without saying that Sharespear too has influenced me as he does almost all poets and writers to some extent.

But I think the greatest Influence on my personal life and my writing was my Mother. Other influences include my favorite teacher, who taught me to be a non-conformist, and a thinker, and Dr. Mickey B., mentor extraordinary, when I was ready for a walk on a spiritual path.

Other great influences are reading, reading, and a bit of reading. While music of all kinds and selected movies can occasionally fill in a gap, I find today’s films much to violent, repetitious efforts full of cliché. I don’t know if television or movies can have too many special effects, but seems that story lines often give way to these features and frequently the relationships, the emotions, the motivations that drive today’s characters are not developed enough. Besides, I don’t think anything can take the place of a good book.


Really enjoy amateur photography, doing things with my grandchildren, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and fishing…all kinds of fishing.

Other interests are eating, boating and traveling - no, there's heaps more like: psychology, philosophy, religions of the world, history of all periods and the writings about those periods, playing cards, studying historical sites, vampire stories-especially the writings of Anne Rice. Then there is science, art, music, movies, books, traveling and independent and critical thinking to be added to my lists of interest.


I believe some of the best fantasy is that having a strong grounding in reality, the strongest characters those who are influenced by the real world, and by the real people in their lives. Magic that comes and rescues the hero in the nick of time just doesn’t work for me, and lastly…I’m a sucker for happy endings.

Okay, that was a sample of something about me. Soon, there will be a longer scenario about me for those who are interested.

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