Her Sole Desire

Catskill's Sheriff Kate McGuinness has exiled love from her life forever, but 'forever' ends late one summer when Dr. Carling Reed arrives to do forensics pathology work on two unsolved crimes, and defiantly walks through Kate's heart's door, a heart with walls, memories and secrets. Together, they're an unlikely team, but their meeting was fate. Fate when an older woman's feelings for a younger one are the results achieved by the process of discovering one's sole desire.

Kate goes through some light inner conflicts involving her personal self-discovery issues, including age difference, a previous love, and Carling's job challenges. The happy ending story has a few doses of humor, some of the younger woman's dreamscapes and a couple of mysteries. It is a story where the two women's union becomes ecstasy! Or does it?

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The Promise Of A Lifetime

An ugly confrontation with a shrew timber magnate, a former lover, about eagle’s perches, puts Fletcher Bucannan in very bad mood. The Park Director had hoped rescuing an injured hawk would improve her day. Little did the woman realize her future was about to take on a new challenge…A challenge that would change her life forever when the ground dropped from beneath her, landing her at the base of an overhang and the discovery of an ancient, sacred burial site with a prehistoric creature inside. Every moral/spiritual/life value that the young Seneca hold dear is confronted by internal, external and interactional conflicts because of the discovery. After a visit to her clan’s sweat lodge, the young Park Director decides to notify the State Museum to send someone to check out the find.

Expert paleontologist, Finley Jorgenson thrived on challenges and had come to the park full of hope, and excitement of this being the discovery of a lifetime. Instead had found herself confronted with the greatest dilemma of her life. Her name is Fletcher Bucannan. From their first encounter, the two strong-willed women collide. Both are arrogant, and seemingly resent the other getting the upper hand in any way, which leads to some very difficult situations involving the discovery. Because of the scientific significance of the sacred site, they mutually agree to put their personal differences aside, and call a truce, only to have the dream find, become a nightmare.

Jacqueline Boudreaux, Fletcher’s former relationship’s less scrupulous reputation for ruthlessness in business turns to a drab web of treachery, peril and revenge against the Park Director, and turns the two women’s problems positively diabolical! An explosion at the site seals Fletcher and Finley in the cavern. Their escape from the depths of the cave-in thru debris, ice, slush, frozen body parts to snowmobile, cabin, a strip show, hot springs where all body parts are warmed up and lubricated to function moves the story along. Their confinement begins to stir an unbridled passion, one that is met with fiery desires neither had been willing to admit previously.

The involvement of unique, close-knit park personnel move the sequence of events along, with humor, several subplots, active programs at the facility, and along with a few low-life’s to catch, makes for a suspenseful, keep you guessing quest. You’ll laugh at Burley, the robust cook; be touched by biologist Lira’s life, you’ll want to wring a certain timber foreman’s neck along with his boss, the treacherous jealous, revengeful former lover, and might even feel sorry for misguided Chris, another low-life. With the different intense complications involved, you wonder if Fletcher and Finley will discover their own hearts playing traitor, or actually have a tomorrow together? Will they really have the promise of a lifetime?

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A Length Of Joy

Raven Longgear is a well-known international photographer who refuses any assignments involving celebrities. When actress Joanna Stern shows up on her Florida doorstep after a disastrous photo shoot in New York, and convinces her to performs the photography for four magazine covers, both were caught by surprise in the sudden life changes that followed. Joanna agrees to turn off her cell phone and stay at the beachside home of the photographer and Raven promises to treat her as a guest instead of an assignment.

Rex and Carl, Raven’s longtime buddies add humor and stability to the story as the couple realizes their deep connection and fall in love. Every story needs an Aunt with a special intuition into the soul mate theory to stir the pot, as well as ride spiritual shotgun and be that special confidant. This one has Rosalin.

The lives of the couple are complex enough, but then Joanna catches a glimpse of a person in the shadows on several occasions and realizes she is being stalked. Neither was ready for the smoky-voiced Melissa Long or her deep-burning jealousy of Joanna. Long has the means to get whatever she wants, including the seduction of Raven’s only cousin, and the husband of Joanna’s producer. But what Mel Long wants most is Joanna Stern. When Mel’s attempts to become the center of Joanna’s life fail, her twisted mind designs the ultimate ending for the couple. The crack of a rifle reverberates through the hills that surround Joanna’s lakeside cabin - the single shot intent on changing destiny.

A Length of Joy is complex, examining a world most of us will never know, and yet down-to-earth enough to re-tell the circumstances and obstacles that are all too familiar to many of us. Women’s jealousy and hatred suppression issues are sinister webs intertwined with a love that has its ups and downs, the testing of acceptance and trust, and the healing of old wounds. This is a very different romance story, a story of a strong, vibrant, forever love that comes back to become a charming tale that leaves you in good spirits and happy for the read and the joyous ending.

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The Silence OF The Mist

An unexpected twist in time creates a bond between a sea captain and a marine biologist, unsettling their lives with intrigue and unexpected romance. Lenora Benegan, an independent young woman, was content with her life on the sea. Yet she shows amazing patience with her eccentric Aunt Isabelle's efforts to run her life, even buying an old salvage vessel, a 90 year old home and a couple of antique cars at her aunt's insistence.

Muriel Davenport is a marine biologist with a single minded interest in exploration and research. Until she meets Lenora and her Aunt Isabelle. Then Muriel is swept along with events and feelings she has not experienced before. Although initially cool to each other, Lorena and Muriel must learn to live together, or not live at all. The past will resurface to threaten the future in a way neither can fathom.

The only one who knows what time will tell is Lorena's aunt, Isabelle Benegan, a banker who is strangely unpredictable and decidedly determined to get Lenora and Muriel involved with the past, the future and each other, much to the two women's annoyance. But as they struggle to cope with the past, their destinies become clearer. Learn their secrets and experience their destiny as their story hurtles to its unpredictable conclusion.

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