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On A High Cliff

On The High Cliff is a Halloween tale, with a bit of a bizarre twist. The idea of falling in love had never occurred to writer, Jennifer Bauer. That is, until she buys a white cottage on a high cliff bluff and meets a tall, mysterious, notorious Architect named Lian, who regularly strolls the newly purchased estate, without permission, and as if, it was her own domain. The encounters dig up forgotten times, and the two uncover an old secret… A Secret that somehow, concerns their future together. It’s a alluring tale of love misunderstood and its wondrous consequences.

The Sculptress - Part 1

Delphy Tudor Madison, a renowned sculptress, is a recluse and quite satisfied being that way. She maintains her privacy in a secluded rustic location she selected some ten years ago. Delphy’s talent now allows her the privilege of deciding when and where her pieces will go for sale. Her dislike of public showings has led her to select a well-known gallery to exhibit the sculptures she decides to offer. The low-keyed gallery co-owner, Winifred, never pushes Delphy to exhibit her works, accepting the pieces the artist produces for two small showings a year. All that was about to change.

Adriana Lisieux, Winifred’s partner in the Chicago art gallery, is used to having her way. And her way is to dictate to their artists how often and how many pieces to exhibit. Winifred has told her that Delphy Madison is not one who can be pushed, but Adriana is confident Delphy will see things her way. The Irresistible Force is about to meet her first Immovable Object.

An unexpected snow storm throws the two women together and there begins a titanic struggle of wills. With nothing in common, their first talk starts an argument that ends only when Adrianna returns to Chicago. The clash changes both of their lives and leaves both women wondering if winning is really everything.

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