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Wholesale Price Listing

Herbal Mother Line
Item Retail Price Wholesale Price *
Soothing Lip Balms
(lavendar, sweet orange, wintermint, or unscented available)
$2.95 $1.92
Mama's Nipple Cream $8.50 $5.52
Mama's Preg. Tea $6.50 $4.22
Morning Sickness Tea $6.50 $4.22
Nursing Tea $6.50 $4.22
Stainless Steel Infuser $3.50 $2.28
Cotton Disp. Teabags
(set of 10 bags per pack)
$2.50 $1.62
Mama's Birthing Oil $10.50 $6.82
Mama's Leg Lift Oil $15.00 $9.75
Mama's Stretchmark
(rich, emollient cream)
$14.50 $9.42
Relaxing Herbal Bath 15.00 9.75
Mama's Bottom Balm 8.50 5.52
Mama's Happy Feet 12.95 8.42
Heartburn Tea 7.50 4.87
Postpartum Sitz Bath 15.00 9.75
Mama's Medicinal Vag. 20.00 13.00
Salt Baths
(black citrus, lavender tangerine, decongestant, rosemary mint, floral spice)
10.50 6.82

Herbal Soap Line
All Items $4.99 Retail $3.25 Wholesale *

Specialty Soap Line
All Items $5.95 Retail $3.87 Wholesale *

Herbal Baby Line
Baby's Cord Care $8.50 $5.22
Baby's Bottom Balm $12.50 $8.12
Herbal Baby Oil $9.50 $6.17
Woodland Fairies $5.95 $3.87
Baby's Teething Oil $6.50 $4.22
Cradle Cap Kit (3pc)) $33.50 $21.77
Colic Tummy Rub $12.50 $8.12
Healing Balm $12.50 $8.12
Arthritic Balm $14.50 $9.42
Herbal Massage Oil $15.00 $9.75
All-Natural Bug Repel $10.50 $6.82
Bug Repellant 8 oz. $15.50 $10.08
Tea Tree Healing Salve $10.50 $6.82
Skin Soothing Salve $12.50 $8.12
Healing Foot Oil $12.50 $8.12
Lymph Rub Oil $14.50 $9.42

* Prices reflect a 35% wholesale discount. Prices are subject to change without notice.

$200 initial order. No mimimum on all following orders. $10.00 service fee on all orders under $50.00.

We stand behind our line. If a product is returned to your store for any reason whatsoever, simply return it to us and we will send you a replacement, free of charge. All of our products contain natural preservatives and have lot numbers and expiration dates on them for your protection as well as your customers'. All wholesale sales are final (no money refunds will be issued).

Please view our website for our soap selections. The "specialty soaps" are the following scents:
Glacier Silt Facial Bar
Woodland Fairies Baby Bar
Shampoo Bar (Herbal and the Rosemary Mint)

Soaps must be purchased in quantities of 6 of each kind when ordering.
Payment must be made in advance on all orders via cashiers check or money order.

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