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Mother and Baby

"Lo, children are a hertiage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward."
Psalm 127:3

We have a unique line of Mama and Baby items! Talc Free, Mineral Oil free, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate free, no harmful, inexpensive fillers or synthetic fragrances which can be irritating to babies' tender skin. Just nut and plant oils and wholesome natural goodness, as nature intended. Doctor and Midwife recommended, Mama and Baby approved!

Our inventory includes:

Baby's Bottom Balm

A uniquely emollient balm that doesn't irritate baby's tender skin! Great for bottoms, to prevent diaper rash, but doubles as an all over moisturizer! Wipes off easily without pain!


Soothing Baby Lotion

Soft and supple skin is what you'll get. Lightly scented. Essential oils of Neroli and Lavender to calm baby. Great to use all over. Mama will like it, too.

4 oz $10.50

Baby's Cradle Cap Kit

A three piece, easy to use kit that eliminates the age old culprit, "cradle cap." Comes with full instructions and our personal guarantee!

$33.50 per kit

Colicky Baby Tummy Rub

Does your little angel suffer from colic? Here's the product for you! Tested and true, this emollient, calming oil blend will help relieve the pain suffered from trapped gases in baby's tummy. Rub on hour before colicky time and you'll be amazed at the difference.

4 oz. bottle $12.50

Herbal Baby Oil

Contains NO Mineral oil! All natural, herbal plant oils infused with relaxing essential oil blend. Truly heavenly!

4 oz. flip top bottle $9.50

Baby's Herbal Teething Oil

Non-toxic blend of plant and essential oils to calm baby and numb gums. Great for adults, too.

oz. bottle with applicator $6.95

Woodland Fairies Baby Soap/Shampoo Bar

An herbal formula that doubles as a shampoo bar. Very gentle and pH balanced to protect baby's tender, delicate skin. Loaded with healing calendula herb and a mixture of lavender, orange and vanilla essential oils! Heavenly!

4 oz. bar $5.95

Drooler Bib

Handmade and quilted with love from Baker Lane Baby Collection. A beautiful reversible bib for any teething baby! Ribbon ties in back, and delightful scallops around the edge. Three color choices: Pink, Blue and Rustic. Fabric styles may vary. Please specify boy or girl.

$7.50 each

100% Cotton Flannel Baby Blankets

A very special gift for the new mommy and baby! Double napped flannel, very warm and cuddly. Larger than crib size. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Let us choose for you. Specify girl or boy.


Baby's Cord Care

An organic herbal powder to help baby's umbilical stump dry quickly. Antibacterial action inhibits bacterial growth. No more ALCOHOL, that can irritate baby's tender skin and can sting when applied to open cuts in the new belly button area.

1/2 oz. (enough to use till stump falls off) $8.50

Relaxing Herbal Bath

An aromatic blend of organic herbs to calm mama and baby. Something EVERY mama should have. Comes with muslin sacks so there's no mess in the tub, no "floaties" as our children call them. Contains French Lavender essential oil, too. Helps to heal postpartum tissues.
Beautifully packaged!

8 oz. enough for 4-6 baths $15.00

Dolichild Remedies

A very easy, safe and effective way of giving homeopathics to your children. We have used ALL of these items without any harmful effects, just gentle, prompt relief. We highly recommend them.

Calm: great for helping little ones relax 4 oz. $7.95
Cough: natural relief of cough and chest congestion 4 oz. $6.95
Earache: natural relief of childhood earache 1 oz. $8.95
Teething: natural remedy for teething babes 1 oz. $8.95
Tummy: natural relief of colic and indigestion 1 oz. $8.95

Mama's Bottom Balm

For prenatal and postpartum relief of hemorrhoids in a rich, soothing & cooling organic salve.

1 oz. container $8.50

Mama's Stretch Mark Cream

Truly our miracle in a bottle! This product was made when I became pregnant with my first of five children! Highly effective at preventing stretch marks by aiding the skins' elasticity with moisture! Smells great, loaded with pure cocoa butter! Melts to body temp., doubles as a massage cream or tanning butter - no SPF! Still no stretch marks after five children.


Mama's Healing Nipple Cream

For those with dry, cracked and sore nipples from breast-feeding. Non-toxic to mother and baby, no yucky lanolin taste! Essential oils will encourage baby to "latch on." Helps to keep thrush away with natural antibacterial properties.

$8.50 for 1 oz. tin

Peppermint Leg Oil Treatment

A rich emollient plant oil blend with natural peppermint oil and herbal infusions to relax tired and swollen legs and feet. A wonderful gift for the mother to be or for anyone suffering from poor circulation in the legs and pain from varicose veins.

4 oz. bottle $15.00

Mama's Birthing Oil

A rich blend of emollient oils loaded with calming essential oils that not only soothe the mother but strengthen the contractions of true labor. Do not use before natural labor has occurred!

4 oz. flip top container $10.50

Wintermint Lip Balm

oz tube of soothing plant oils which deliver a tingly sensation to the lips, stimulating mother's salivary glands to keep mouth from getting dry during labor. A birthing must!! Great for birth partners to wear, too.

$2.95 each

Mama's Pregnancy Tea

An herbal blend of raspberry leaves, mints, rose hips and more! Tones and strengthens the uterus. Ideal to drink throughout pregnancy to fortify breast milk as well as after pregnancy to tone tummy!

Mama's Morning Sickness Tea

Suffering from bouts of nausea? You'll love this healing, soothing tea that will settle your stomach within minutes after ingestion. All-natural, herbal.

2 oz. net weight $6.50

Mama's Birthing Tea

Made with organic herbs, this tea concentrate builds the red blood cells while strengthening the uterus. Ideal to drink during birth to give energy and reduce the chances of excess bleeding after labor.

3 oz. loose tea mixture $8.50

Mama's Heartburn Tea

Marshmallow root, slippery elm & fennel are just a few of the wonderful ingredients in this soothing tea. Relieves the "burn" associated with heartburn, and helps settle the stomach.

2 oz. package $7.50

Mama's Lactation Tea

A wonderful tea loaded with herbs to fortify mother's life giving milk! Will help you gain milk in abundance!

2 oz net weight $6.50

Stainless steel tea infuser spoon $3.95

Cotton tea bags, 10pk $2.50

Hand Embroidered Satin Lavender Pillow

Hand embroidered with silk flowers, this beautiful pillow is guaranteed to please the person who has everything! Filled with lavender flowers, this beautiful pillow is perfect for every bedside table! Each one is unique and the colors will vary. Please tell us if there is a particular color you are hoping for!


Mama's Happy Feet Herbal Soak

Relieves tired and sore feet. Great for athlete's foot, too! Nice and soothing. Something every Mama would love.

$12.95 10 oz. package with muslin sacks (no mess)

Mama's Postpartum Sitz Bath

An herbal mixture with essential oils to aid in natural healing of the perineal area due to soreness, episotomies, perineal brusing and lacerations during birthing. Contains everything you will need for 4 healing sitz baths. Midwife approved!

8 oz. $15.00

Mama's Medicinal Vaginal Soak

A medicinal strength herbal bath to aid in the healing of yeast infections, diaper rash, vulval varicosities, irritations and infections of all kinds. This is "big medicine"! Great in the use of peribottles after birthing. Dilute for babies use. Only 2 oz. needed per bath, kit contains enought for 5 medicinal baths.

10 oz. package $20.00

"Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table."
Psalm 128:3

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all items if returned with original sales slip. Shipping and Handling not included.

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