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What our customers have to say!


"Your soap is truly delicious! I love the way the mint makes you tingle all over!"
K. Cottongim, Washington


"Now that I've found your wonderful line I won't settle for that other junk ever again!!"
Mrs. G. Riplinger, Virginia


"Just received my order and LOVE your soap! The quality is outstanding!"
Mrs. White, MA


"I just love your facial kit for oily skin! it truly works on cystic acne! You're a genius!"
Mrs. M. Chancey, Alabama


"I love your mint Facial Mask! I'd use it everyday if my sister would let me!"
A. Newton, Ohio


"Your perfume line is the only one I've tried that doesn't give me a headache!"
M. Love, Vermont


"Kuddos to Mr. Oldaker on the best made soap in the country!!"
Rebecca Newton, Ohio


"Your products are wonderful! I love the lotion and the oils so much I want to buy in bulk!"
K. Roth, Alaska


"Your teething oil really works! I love the fact that it is non-toxic."


"I've tried other soaps and yours is NEVER slimy! It doesn't leave a residue in the soap dish and is very fragrant and long lasting!"
Jill Yjrana, Alaska


"Your arthritic balm is the best I've ever used and I've tried everything! Please send my reorder out right away! I can't do without it!"
Mr. Wilkins, Texas


"Received the samples you sent today. The package smelt so wonderful I just couldn't wait to see what was inside!"
L. Sauer, CT


"Thank you for your helpful customer service. You don't give hassles for returns and exchanges and I appreciate that!"
K. Mengle, NM


"Your lotion is the best, non-greasy formula I've used! It even quenches the driest of skin types without leaving me slimy!"
W. Hensington, AZ


"Your packaging is so beautiful! I love to display your items on the bathroom sink! I use the fabric from the soaps for quilting!"
S. Norvell, Alaska

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