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First Aid & Medicinal

We offer a full line of Herbal First Aid & Medicinal Items! These items are not for the treatment of illnesses. If you are seriously hurt, seek the advice of a medical professional. There are no known side effects from these products. As with any product, if irritation occurs discontinue use. Use with common sense and follow all directions.

Our inventory includes:

All-Natural Bug Repellent!

Smells great and is moisturizing and deet-free! Safe for kids & pets, too!

4 oz. $10.50
8 0z. $15.50

Skin Soothing Salve

Suffering from eczema or psoriasis? You'll love this! Made with herbs harvested from South East Alaska, healing and soothing without dryness! Relieves itch from rashes and bug bites, too.


Healing Salve

A natural antibacterial salve loaded with calendula herb & tea tree oil! Use on cuts, scrapes, burns - you name it!


Arthritic Balm

A natural alternative with no offensive odor! Smells like cloves and mint. Ideal for those with joint pain & muscle aches. Highly effective and concentrated! Great for sore lower backs due to pregnancy!

4 oz. $14.50

Nature's Healing Balm

A moisture rich all over body balm to soothe and protect dry, parched skin! Ideal for hands & feet!

4 oz. $12.50

Emollient Lip Balms

A rich blend of healing essential oils and plant oils. Long last, non-toxic and all-natural!

Choose from the following flavors:
Sweet Orange, Wintermint, Lavender or Unscented.

$2.95 per oz tube

Nature's Healing Foot Oil

An antibacterial oil that kills the bateria that casues athlete's foot and toenail fungus! Non-toxic, no harsh side-effects. Just apply to clean feet 2-3 times daily until symptoms are gone.

1 oz. with dropper $12.50

Lymph Rub

Loaded with antiseptic essential oils that when used externally support tissue healing while interfering with the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Traditionally used for infections, tonsillitis, strep throat, mumps, sores, infections, earaches, and more.

1 oz. with dropper $14.50

Natures' Soothing Salt Baths

A rich blend of muscle soothing dead sea salts! Highly concentrated and aromatic. Only a few tablespoons needed per bath!
Choose from the following scents:
Floral Spice, Lavender Tangerine, Black Citrus, Decongestant, Rosemary Mint.

1 pint jar $10.50

Exfoliating Salt Rub

A mixture of detoxifying sea salts and emollient herbal/ nut oils to gently scuff off dead skin, revealing supple healthy skin! You'll be aglow! No additional moisturizers needed! One simple step in the shower and you're done! Great for gardeners' hands, gently removes all dirt leaving hands soft and moisturized. Rough feet? No problem!! You'll love this item and you'll keep coming back for more.

Choose from the following scents:
Mint, Lavender or Black Citrus (detox with grapefruit!)

1 pint $25.00
(Very concentrated, only a small amount is needed per treatment)

Homeopathic Remedies

Aconite 30 c. Number one remedy to nipping colds in the bud
Ant Tart 30 c. Important (rattling) cough remedy
Apis 30 c. Number one remedy for bites and stings
Arg. Nit. 30 c. Number one remedy for fear of flying
Arnica Montata 30 c. Number one remedy for accidents/shock/physical exhaustion
Arsenicum 30 c. Number one remedy for food poisoning
Belladonna 30 c. Number one remedy for very high fevers
Bryonia 30 c. Number one remedy for dry, painful coughs
Calc. Carb. 30 c. Number one remedy for slow, difficult teething
Calendula 30 c. Number one remedy for healing wounds
Cantharis 30 c. Number one remedy for intense pain of burns
Carbo Veg 30 c. Number one remedy for resuscitation
Chamomilla 30 c. Number one remedy for teething children
China 30 c. Number one remedy for de-hydration
Drosera 30 c. Number one remedy for whooping cough
Gelsemium 30 c. Number one remedy for flu
Hepar Sulph. 30 c. Number one reemdy for painful, infected wounds
Hypericum 30 c. Number one remedy for injury to nerves
Ignatia 30 c. Number one remedy for recent bereavement/emotional shock
Ipecacuanha 30 c. Number one remedy for constant, violent nausea
Kali Bich 30 c. Number one remedy for painful sinuses
Lachesis 30 c. Left-sided complaints that move to the right side, esp. sore throats
Ledum 30 c. Number one remedy for puncture wounds and black eyes
Mag Phos 30 c. Known as the homeopathic aspirin
Merc Viv 30 c. Number one remedy for mouth ulcers
Natrum Mur 30 c. Number one remedy for cold sores
Pulsatilla 30 c. Number one remedy for children's ear infections
Rhus Tox 30 c. Number one remedy for sprains and strains
Sepia 30 c. Number one remedy for conditions brought about by hormonal changes in women
Silica 30 c. Number one remedy for forcing out splinters
Staphisagrai 30 c. Number one remedy to use following episiotomy

Plastic tubes with easy dosing cap

3c-30c $6.00 (#35 pellets)
200c $8.50 (#35 pellets))

Family Kits

Contains 48 remedies, 2 herbal creams, 1 herbal tincture 30c. potencies


Additional remedies and sizes can be ordered. Just email us: and let us know what you are looking for. There is NO ADDITIONAL FEE for special orders.

Special orders may take up to 2 additional weeks for delivery. We will notify you at the time of the order.

Dolichild Remedies

A very easy, safe and effective way of giving homeopathics to your children. We have used ALL of these items without any harmful effects, just gentle, prompt relief. We highly recommend them.

Calm: great for helping little ones relax 4 oz. $7.95
Cough: natural relief of cough and chest congestion 4 oz. $6.95
Earache: natural relief of childhood earache 1 oz. $8.95
Teething: natural remedy for teething babes 1 oz. $8.95
Tummy: natural relief of colic and indigestion 1 oz. $8.95

How to Take Homeopathic Medicines

Before trying any kind of herbal supplementation, please check with your doctor or medical provider to make sure it is right for you. Hemeopathic Medicine has NO known side effects. It is highly effective and the cost is minimal for instant relief. If you have ANY questions regarding these remedies, please drop us a line. We are here to help.

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all items if returned with original sales slip. Shipping and Handling not included.

For a catalog of our full product line, including samples, send a SASE (2 first class stamps) to:

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