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We offer a fine line of herbal soaps, made right here in the deep interior of Alaska's coldest region (where it can get down to -80 below zero in the winter!). We've been told that we not only make the BEST soap in Alaska, but the BEST SOAP IN THE COUNTRY! We will leave that up to you to decide. We NEVER use synthetic fragrances, only pure and natural essential oils which are soothing and healing to the skin. Our soaps are never slimy or drying. Even those with extremely sensitive skin types have used our line with wonderful results. No more winter itch from using soaps containing harsh degreasers! Our line is beautifully wrapped in cotton fabrics (patterns will vary), each bar distinctive in style and scent.

Our inventory includes:

Large 3.58 oz. bars (hand cut) only $4.99 each
Choose from:

Alaskan Dreams citrus blend
Alaskan Woodsman men's favorite, natural bug/flea repellent, safe for pets
Cleansing Grapefruit heavenly, rich citrus singlenote
Comfrey Comfort for those with very sensitive skin, eczema or psoriosis
Fireside Spice stimulates circulation, euphoric
Garden of Eden fruits and spices
Key Lime relieves itchy skin from rashes, chicken pox, "itchy pregnant belly", etc.
Lavender-Lemongrass floral, citrus, spice
Lavender-Tangerine floral citrus, best-seller!
Lullaby Lavender calming to skin and senses. Ideal for those with sensitive skin types and babies.
Mechanic's Muck Remover removes paint, sap, garden dirt, etc.
Midnight Sun citrus-spice
Oriental Gardens refreshing and relaxing
Patchouli Love earthy
Peace earth and spice
Peppermint stimulates circulation
Pine Lime ideal for eczema and psoriasis
Sitka Rose moisturizing floral
Summer Gardens relaxing and calming
Sweet Melissa citrus-herbal
Tangerine Dream uplifting, sensitive skin
Uplifting citrus blend, soothing
Wake Up Mint Stimulates circulation, relieves headaches, leaves skin feeling tingly!
Winter's Delight spice

3.58 oz. Shampoo bars, $5.95:

Herbal Shampoo Bar
dandruff and cradle cap

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar
all hair types

Herbal shampoo bar concentrate contains a rich, aromatic formula specially designed for those with dry scalp conditions, while the Rosemary Mint shampoo bar can be used by those with all skin and hair types! Leaves hair soft, manageable and shiny! Great for pets, too! Non-toxic, ph balanced formula.

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all items if returned with original sales slip. Shipping and Handling not included.

For a catalog of our full product line, including samples, send a SASE (2 first class stamps) to:

Nature's Intent
PO Box 354
Tok, Alaska 99780
Phone & Fax: (907) 883-3875

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