Newsletter # 6

Whole Lott-a shakin' goin' on

The problem with Trent he is now Punch drunk from Lil' Tommy Daschle slapping him upside the head very time he turned around, evidently when Lott was in grade school, no doubt the school bully was confused by Lott's turning over his lunch money...without being asked, and he has now allowed himself much as an elephant to get stuck in pit that's only two feet deep.

By the end of the week, Trent Lott will be an expert in Ebonics, promoting Affirmative action, sponsor a bill to rename the Lincoln Monument to Martin Luther King Jr.  And may improve his vertical leap a few inches as well.

Democrats can say hateful, untrue and utter the ugliest racial slurs and get away with it because they are Democrats. They belong to the party of racial tolerance and understanding. They're paragons of virtue, and the rest of us are bigoted rubes.
The fire can only spread as far as there is fuel and air  with the Democrats spilling the fuel and Lott providing the air a  blaze will consume him. It's not a racist issue, for Lott. It's a stupidity issue. He's so stupid, it should be a crime.

Lott has been so stupid he doesnít deserve to lead anything, except maybe a collection of bigoted cowards who hide their faces under white sheets and meet at night to burn crosses.

There's blood in the water. The feeding frenzy has begun and Lott hasn't figured out to get out of the water or swim with the sharks. The reality is that Lott is now a huge, irreversible liability to the GOP and to the realization of its agenda. For that reason alone (though there are others) he should resign as Leader, become a Muslim and all sins will be forgiven then

If your going to try to be humorous and kind to an old man just make sure he is a Democrat. The new Majority Leader will be a man from Tenn. Bill Frist.

Tomorrow night on Black Entertainment Television, the Ghost of Jefferson Davis clanks his chains up to Trent Lott's bedroom in a special Christmas Eve adaptation of Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol," as the former Republican Senate Majority Leader now repents for his lifetime of racist thoughts, supports affirmative action, and admits his great, great grandmother was a quadroon.

Senator Robert "Sheets" Byrd appears as the Ghost of Racist Past; Jivin' Jesse Jackson is the Ghost of Racist Present; Bill Clinton, as leader of the modern DemocRAT Party, is ominous as the Ghost of Racists Yet to Come; and Little Tommy Dashole as Tiny Tim


Here are some more statements by Lott that indicate grave defects in his character:
*I sure would like another cup of coffee." - ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY
*What a beautiful child.* - PEDOPHILE
"What a lovely lady." - SEXIST

This is just a reminder. Tomorrow is (12/16/02) December 16, 2002. That is the date in which all members of the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) must switch to the NEW Secret Handshake. Folks, you've got to make sure that you learn the new Secret Handshake ASAP. As time goes on, the Liberals will learn of it and be able to attend meetings and even obtain copies of the Minutes of the VRWC Meetings!

Remember, the conspiracy you save MAY be your OWN!



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