Conspiracy Newsletter #2


This is just a reminder. Tomorrow is (12/6/02) December 6, 2002. That is the date in which all members of the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) must switch to the NEW Secret Handshake. Folks, you've got to make sure that you learn the new Secret Handshake ASAP. As time goes on, the Liberals will learn of it and be able to attend meetings and even obtain copies of the Minutes of the VRWC Meetings!

So contact your local Director and learn the Secret Handshake.

The Sectional secret meetings are held at "Area 102". (That makes it twice are hard to find as "Area 51") But Shhhh....Don't tell anyone...(It's a secret!)

Remember, there's a "starve the school children” (school lunch program) meeting set for the first of the month, the money diverted from the school lunch program   will still be used for beer and cigars at the summer barbecue. Attention: Parking is available down the street at the Save The Forrest Society lot, be sure and knock down a few trees with your SUV’S so we will have more parking next summer.

Don’t forget the annual Carnival it is filling up, however we still need volunteers. I'd have to check the signup sheets, but I do believe we still need people to man the "drag a woman by her hair" contest. If you're interested, please let me know soon.

If you can figure out the frequency of the microchip that's implanted in my butt, you can listen in some time.

Just a reminder you do not have to return the old decoder ring

The secret message this month is %#)W*&^A&@T*+C^@+H_&(#O&#U^%T_#F+O$#^R_&^B%#+L$#^%A+#C$#K_H&^E+@L%$I%$C#@O*P%$^T^%E#@R*+S. Use the setting #5 this month to decode this message on your new decoder ring.


Remember, the conspiracy you save MAY be your OWN!


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