Conspiracy Newsletter #3


December 11-02
Next month there will be a Sectional meeting of all local Directors. If you plan on attending call Miss Millie so she can notify the local Western Sizzler of the number of people to expect for the food bar. Dessert is included. The Sectional secret meeting is being held at "Area 202". (That makes it twice are hard to find as "Area 101") 

There is a State Fair next March in Oklahoma, we need your feedback about having a booth at the Expo. Hall. 

The local chapter #22 in Mississippi said they had a great turnout for the Cock fighting Seminar, almost forty persons were there and 23 brought their own Cocks.

The women folk in Hindsville, Ky. are having their annual Flea Market next month, if you have anything of value you would like to donate call Maude down at the Tru-Value store, any proceeds will go toward the building of VRWC Men's Club.

Some of you have called an complained about the new decoder ring. Remember it takes AAAA battery.

Endangered species "Kill it and Grill it" pot luck dinner is set for Jan.11 at the city park in Assville, South Carolina. It would be helpful if you would gut and clean your varmint before you come to the park.

Billy Bob Parks of Arkansas said he had raided the DNC coffers twice this week, (once for a new mahogany conference table (harvested from virgin rain forest) for the local VRWC chapter club house and then to buy new boots for our members who wore out the toes on their old ones kicking grandma’s wheelchair over the cliff.

Remember to cut the old ID card in half, you do not have to send it back  just toss it. The annual dues can now be  charged to your American Express card. If you don't like your picture on the newly issued card that's tough  there are no re-takes.


If you have any suggestions or announcements you would like to get in next month's newsletter Email Me.


Remember, the conspiracy you save MAY be your OWN!


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