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WASHINGTON UPI(VRWC) In a major shake up of the Senate and blow to President George Bush, Trent Lott announced a switch in party affiliation and that will find him joining the Democrats in a move he says is the only way to preserve his status as Senate Majority Leader.

Citing Republican efforts to remove him as majority leader over comments he made regarding Strom Trumond, Lott said he regretted having to make the switch but felt he was forced into it.

"They forced my hand. What else could I do?" said Lott. "By joining the Democrat party, I will retain my Leadership position, can no longer be accused of being a racist and I will be joining a party that will stand by me no matter what I do."  Senator Robert "Sheets" Byrd said he was so happy he had been singing Dixie all day. Rep. Maxine Walters expressed her delight and welcomed Senator Lott to a Gala Event and Dinner with Jesse Jackson and  Al Sharpton at the Hilton Sunday night.

The defection by Lott would not, however, be enough in and of itself to give Democrats control of the Senate. This is fueling speculation that other Senate Republicans, perhaps Arlen Specter (R) Pennsylvania and Lincoln Chafee (R) of  Rhode Island, will also switch to the democratic party at the same time as Lott.

Such a move would give the Democrats majority control of the Senate and make it possible, if such a deal has been reached, that Lott would remain as Senate Majority Leader, albeit as a Democrat.

While refusing to confirm a second Republican defection, several sources close to the Senate Democrat leadership confirmed a deal had been reached whereby Democrats will regain majority status in the Senate.

Next week Lott will give exclusives to Jet magazine, and then go on Oprah and cry. Then Lott willl go on Black Entertainment Television, a segregated entity, to apologize for not being a segregationist. The Trent Lott Apology World Tour 2002-2003 will be  heading to a venue near you!

The problem with Trent he is now Punch drunk from Lil' Tommy Daschle slapping him upside the head very time he turned around, evidently when Lott was in grade school, no doubt the school bully was confused by Lott's turning over his lunch money...without being asked,  and he has now allowed himself much as an elephant to get stuck in pit that's only two feet deep. If your going to try to be humorous and kind to an old man just make sure he is a Democrat

According to the AP. and sources inside VRWC  who are unnamed say that North Korea has fired the  Minister Of Weapon-Hiding. They were  hiding Scuds under bags of cement 'boneheaded' North Korea, still smarting from having one of its vessels interdicted in the Arabian Sea with several poorly hidden Scud missiles on board, today fired its Minister of Weapon-Hiding, the North Korean government announced. In an official statement, the North Koreans said that Mr. Jang Soon Choul would step down as Minister Of Weapon-Hiding and will accept a new position in front of a firing squad.

Remember, the conspiracy you save MAY be your OWN!



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