Conspiracy Newsletter #1

December 3, 2002

Dear Member,

The purpose of this memo is to inform card-carrying members of changes in your group membership at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Your renewal membership is now due. The new membership fee this year is $28.43. Please send your dues to the Director at once so we can continue with our Conspiracy.

You do not have to return the decoder ring, but we have been advised that the rings are defected and are not decoding properly. Your new decoder rings will be mailed out shortly (batteries not included) Dollar Store  has a good buy on these batteries 4AAAA, buy one get second for half price.

 To bring you up to date on our Special Projects and Rallies the following are just a few of the wonderful events the members have been able to accomplished this month. Several members clear cut 20 acres of virgin pine trees and plan on building a deer hunting cabin this next year.  Also several members have infiltrated the Salvation Army  and are ringing their bells at the local Wal Mart stores to raise money for their local chapters. Remember, there's a "starve the school children" meeting set for the first of the month. We still need someone to bring the coffee and donuts. We still need volunteers for the carnival, we have to check the signup sheets, but I do believe we still need people to man the "club the baby seal" booth, and tying 2 cats tails together and hanging them over a clothesline should be a big hit. 

In addition, please contact your local chapter of the Right Wing Zeitgeist Surge to receive new orders and do pass this memo to all the members because we know most members do not have Internet  or telephones.

Thank you for cooperation, deceit and allegiance.

Warm Regards,

The Right Wing Zeitgeist Surge Board of Directors (formerly VRWC Board of Directors)