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Windows 98 Tricks
Take a Screen Shot

Now have the screen open that you would like to take a picture of, then while it is open hit the " Prt Scrn " it should be two buttons above the delete key, then go into paint, right click and select " Paste " and there you have it.

The Haunted Taskbar

First, right click your windows bar at the bottom and click on Properties, you will notice there is 2 options (TaskBar Options, Start Menu Programs), now close that. Now hold Control (CTRL) and right click it again and click on Properties and release Control (CTRL). Now there is a new option --- DeskBar Options!

Computer Applications Slow?

First comes first, your computer apps may be slow because you have a large variety of fonts installed onto your computer. If you remove some fonts that will make your computer apps faster, or if you defrag your drive that will make all your windows apps run properly.

Trouble With Screen Savor Password?

Are you going let your computer sit there getting choked to death by this screen saver? No, just turn your computer off and turn it back on and when windows loads, right click on your desktop and make sure the screen saver password is not selected.

Stop thoes Illegal Operations!

I am tired of these illegal operations, aren't you? Well if you want to decrease the amount of them and record the information just click on Start - Run... and type drwatson

Permanetly Delete a File

This will be helpful when deleting virus's or other types of files that you cannot delete. Here's the secret shortcut key only few people know about. Shift + Delete (WARNING! This will delete the file or folder from your drive PERMANENTLY!)

Forgot Windows Password?

Did you ever lose your windows password, well if you ever do - here's something you should do. When the windows password comes up when you start windows just hit Esc or click Cancel.