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[ irond ] - [ now you know ]
Sphere - Cool sphere effect, looks so real

Sphere v2 - Just as cool as the first one

D Sphere - cool little buttony type image, looks pretty real.

Dont Smoke - this was suprisingly easy, mainly gradients and selections. yes, 100% photoshop.

Lost Love - this kinda tells a story, i wasent going for effects. just actual "art" i guess.

Sqiggly - Interesting little piece to look at

2002 - Got bored one night, started making a logo. not bad eh? :)

Squares - Pretty cool effect to look at, simple, but very effective.

Big D - Sweet image I came up with when I was messin' around with photoshop.

Speaker - Took me about 10mins to make. Pretty cool ;D

Fusion - Just cool to look at

o-Iron - Sweet lighting effects

Techno D - Cool techno dot effect

Dots - Sweet dot effect, one of my favorites

D owns - Just lettin' you know that I own ;)

Sunflower - This inspired my "Sonar Visions" wallpaper.

Sunflower v2 - Everyone loved the first one, so I made another.

Molten - Sweet molten effect

Matrix - Cool little matrixy effect

Metal - metal button, kinda neat

Allgeneration - sweet image i made for allgeneration

Tiles - simple effect.. but looks so cool


Stellar - Sweet wallpaper, everyone seems to love this

Crystals - Great looking wallpaper (give it time to load its big)

Luminous Tentacles - Clean wallpaper, looks real nice

2002 - Iron 2k2 wallpaper, man.. that's hott!

Eclipse - name says it all

Wires - Was just messin' around with photoshop, came up with this

Endless Power - One of my older wallpapers

First Contact - looks like a flying saucer, which gives it it's name ;)

Forever Paradise - Whole bunch of beach wallpapers put together.

Insanity - Cool design I came up with, looks nice.

Lost Thunder - One of my first wallpapers

Sonar Visions - Looks like a virus, and if you look close looks like it has eyes and a mouth.