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Page Forward
Description Refreshes to a diffrent page ( put in your header )

Typing Text
Description Makes the text look like somebody is typing it.

Inhanced Text
Description Wavy, glowed, shadow, and more.

Inhanced Buttons
Description Change the color, size, font, font size, and border color.

Glowing Text
Description Makes your text glow.

No Right-Click
Description Pop-up appears when people right click.

Cursor Trailer
Description Text that follows the mouse.

Document Crosshair
Description A crosshair that follows the mouse.

Background Music
Description Play music in the background.

I-Frame Code
Description A frame that is inside the document.

Description Insert a link into the page.

Description Insert a image into the page.

Marquee Text
Description Makes the text move across the screen.

Impossible Right-Click
Description Makes it impossible for people to right-click.