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Swish 1.52  (1.68MB) - This is much better then flash, you can create text effects in seconds. If you try to do the stuff Swish generates in Flash it will take you hours.

Internet Explorer 6.0  (494k) - Yes, IE6 is here! This is the direct download from Microsoft's site. It has new cookie system, new "personal" toolbar, faster page loading (100x faster) and more.

Flash 5.0 (Trial)  (18.5MB) - Create cool looking flash. This has a good interface, get the crack at search for Macromedia Flash 5.

CPU Idle 5.6  (0.97MB) - This program cools down your CPU by 10. By making your CPU cooler, it creates less heat; which causes shut downs. This actually underclocks your CPU, so it decreases performance, download it if you want.

Doom  (433k) - Old first person shooting game, lots of fun if your bored and have nothing better to do.

Aim Clone  (4k) - Lets you have two or more AIMs open, pretty cool.

Pow!  (215k) - Closes pop-ups before they even open. ( dosent work on aol, just ie )

T-Clock  (173k) - Customize your clocks font and color. If your looking to customize your desktop, get this.

Aim Transfer  (8k) - This program speeds up your aim transfer speed, makes a big difference for you 56k'ers.

Super Aim  (40k) - This program puts your AIM IMs into tabs in one IM, so it's much eaiser to talk to people if you have alot of IMs.

Window Trans  (51k) - This is very, very usefull. It removes that ugly background behind the icons on your desktop, and lets your wallpaper show through.

Aim Ad Remover  (390k) - You know, the ad's on Aim slow your computer down each time they load, and they load every 5-15minutes. This kills the ads.

2 Player Tic-Tac-Toe  (45k) - Cool little file, you can play against a friend that lives on the other side of the world!

Sheep Screen Pet  (119k) - A cool little screen pet, this is one of my personal favorites, also keeps you company.
( Secret - Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Double click on sheep )

Optical  (11k) - Cool little effect, run this program and stare in the center circle for 10-15seconds longer if possible, without blinking, then look at your hands. Cool isn't it?

500 Icons  (287k) - Want a new look for your computers icons? Tired of regular icons? Download this!

Grab It Pro  (134k) - A ScreenShot taker, tell me what you think of it.

Midi Computer Piano  (19k) - You can play 127 different Midi instruments on your computer keyboard. Kinda Neat.

Matrix Screen Saver  (68k) - One of the coolest screen savers I have seen in awhile ( extract to C:\Windows ).