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  1. Once you have joined TCN you can never leave or join another Guild, Clan, etc. (This rule as well as all others apply to all servers)
  2. Always wear your TCN tag, if you do not it is difficult to tell if your have quit or if you are spying so for your own best interest and the best interest of the guild wear the TCN tag. If you do not and you are caught you may be instantly removed from the guild and said to have quit or be a spy, as that as what it will appear to be.
  3. NEVER, EVER cheat....
  4. If you are caught blatantly cheating you will be given a warning, and then terminated if it is a continuing issue, no if, ands, or buts.
  5. Listen to all superiors. If they are giving you orders that you do not think I would approve of then try to take a snap of them giving orders, and then contact me, after you have done as they have asked.
  6. If you do give a bad order to someone of lower rank, you may lose your position (in all honesty I don't envision there being a problem with this).
  7. Never start a fight and then run and pause, always try to fight to the death it is the only true way to learn. Fight with honor...
  8. All declarations of war upon a traitor of TCN or a spy, will supersede any and all alliances of any guild they may join to get out of dying. The traitor will be targeted and destroyed even if he is in an allied guild, and leaders of allied guilds will be expected to stand down, and tell their men to do so as well.
  9. NEVER EVER attack an ally. If they attack you, pause and tell them to quit or mention that you know their leader, try all possible approaches. If this does not work run away, if you are killed you may retaliate as a means of defense, and I will consult with the allied leader about their rouge member.
  10. Never ever attack one of my allied friends unless their name is not in blue, and they attack first.


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