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Q: What does TCN stand for?

A: Until the day that this site was released TCN stood for nothing, it was just a tag so that guild members could identify each other Unfortunately a bunch of foolish little kiddies thought they were cute and started making their own names up and telling newbies that, that was what the guild stood for. Thus, TCN now has a name "Terminal Chaos Nightmare". That is what it stands for.


Q: What is Graal?

A: Graal is an MMPOG that is losely based on the SNES game Zelda 3. You can play graal both online or offline, because of the many players that play online simultamously with you I find online play much better. While playing graal you can complete various quests, and attain things such as more life (heart containers). You can join an Army or Guild such as TCN, and much more.



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