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TCN Tech

Commander: NightFall

Purpose: TT is composed of what would literally be the "builders of graal."
Their job is to construct all NPC 's, Levels, and Graphics for TCN and
respectively for Graal. Bringing the maginations of others to life
TT is the future. Making "graalian dreamscapes" a reality.

Sparrer's Elite

Commander: SkyKnight

Purpose: SE is composed of some of TCN's greatest sparrers in TCN
as well as graal. As the best they will also stive to help others
become their best. The are the one and only the elite,it is
not only an honor to make it in this platoon but it is also
a previlidge.

Not yet available


Elite Training Force

Commander: ?

Purpose: This platoon is not needed at the moment but a
like platoon may be created in the future this link will
be left in memory of...

ARC Division

Commander: Sektor/Shadow Jester

Purpose: This platoon duty is to bring the presence of
TCN into the game of ARC with SJ at its helm it is

expected that TCN will grow rapidly in this;
its new endeavor..



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