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    All field must be filled out (excluding the Recruiters name) If a box comes up with an ok button press ok, or your mail will not be sent. Aso, read the About TCN section before submiting, it is always best to talk to a recruiter in person, but some applications may be accepted. If you don't have icq get it or your chances are dropped even further as that is how you will be contacted..*Note* Aol members this will not work for you and you must copy and paste the form into an email (when you have completed it).

Your Screen Name?

Your Login Name?

What is your icq #?

# of heart's?

Why do you want to join?

Possible allies

Possible enemies

What would make you a worthy member of TCN, and if your a newbie, what potential do you have, are you fast, do you learn quick?

The name of the platoon you wish to join?

Name of recruiter if available?

Desired rank (if available)?

Any qualifications, use detail.

Have you read the rules, and do you agree with them.. If you say yes you will be bound to them if you say no or leave this blank I will not even consider your application.



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