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     TCN is a neutral/ evilly aligned guild.. What does this mean exactly, this means that our members are not bound by the guild to be either good or bad, but when left to their own free will they tend to be a bit on the evil side. However, TCN does, and will always help people, at the same time we will kill as well. We accept new members at all levels of skill, this includes people who want to join on their first day of playing the game, or people who have been playing it since it began. I personally am not too "big" on the whole elitism bit of "You have to have seven hearts in order to join." TCN is the fastest growing guild in all of graal, and at times we are not well liked for that very reason but, if we are the fastest growing guild there must be a reason....


That was then this is now. Nearly a year later I am sad to say that we can no longer accept all newbies. Anyone can try out for TCN and if they fail they can work at it until they are good enough to get in, but no longer will people be permitted to have a guild tag at the beginning stages of their development. The reason being, I have found that people who are willing to work to join a guild also work while they are in the guild. Also, after a while you end up with so many people who are new and absolutely no possible way to train them. In time we have grown and become more organized (a process that continues even now) and it has become harder and harder to find the time to go around and help someone get hearts all day. So from this day forth and forevermore you must prove yourself to get into TCN, not only by the sword but more importantly by the content of your character. Those of you who want to join a guild to play with alphabet blocks and have "fun" look elsewhere. Here you will find only Dedication, Honor, Loyalty and Achievement.


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