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‘Which is the greatest city in Europe?’ ‘Without doubt the capital of my country, London’‘What a city! Why ‘tis Babylon! How rich the most honoured man must be there!… And Paris; who is the richest man in Paris? ‘The brother, I believe, of the richest man in London’.

Tancred by Benjamin Disraeli

Behold, I will show you the judgment of the Great Whore that sitteth upon many waters: whom the Kings and inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication: and I saw a Woman sit upon a Scarlet-coloured Beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the Woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a Golden Cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication and upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery: Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. The Woman which thou sawest is that Great City [born from Rome] which reigneth over the Kings of the earth.

Revelation 17; The Holy Bible

Blood[line] of the One demanded of London
Burnt by a raging Great Fire in the year 1666
The Ancient Lady will fall from her high place
And many of the same Cult will be killed

Nostradamus C2 Q51 Predicting The Great Fire of London in 1666

How much she hath glorified herself and lived deliciously for she saith in her heart, I sit a Queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: And the kings of the earth shall lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning. Every shipmaster and all the company in ships and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off saying What city is like unto this Great City and they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing for in one hour is she made desolate. And a mighty Angel took up a stone and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall not be found.

Revelation 18; The Holy Bible

The Club of Rome is a conspiratorial umbrella organization promoting World Government, and the marriage between Anglo-American financiers and Noble families of Europe, particularly of London. The key to the successful control of the world is their ability to create and manage savage economic recessions and eventual economic depressions.

To the Holy Blood Holy Grail authors, Plantard explained that certain American Bankers were involved with Priory because they supported the concept of a United States of Europe.

The Sion Revelation p. 268

Central bankers based in the City of London control the cartels that dominate the world. They finagled the right to print money based on our credit and quite naturally used this advantage to buy everything worth having. This might be tolerable if limitless wealth was all they wanted, but they also want limitless power (not just a one-world dictatorship) but total control over our minds and souls. Popular culture is engineered to brainwash each of us from cradle to grave. Trends and megatrends are manufactured, engineered by corporations. Society evolves slowly toward "social efficiency" all by itself; society under stress, however, evolves much faster. Thus the deliberate creation of crisis is an important tool of evolutionary socialists.

Tavistock: Engineering Cultures

The City of London as Capital of the Emerging New World Order
There are two operant Crowns in England, one being Queen Elizabeth II. Although extremely wealthy, the Queen functions largely in a ceremonial capacity and serves to deflect attention away from the other Crown, who issues her marching orders through their control of the English Parliament. This other Crown is comprised of a committee of 12 banks headed by the Bank of England (House of Rothschild). They rule the world from the 677-acre, independent sovereign state know as The City of London, or simply 'The City.' The City is not a part of England, just as Washington D.C., is not a part of the USA. The City is referred to as the wealthiest square mile on earth and is presided over by a Lord Mayor who is appointed annually. When the Queen wishes to conduct business within the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple (Templar) Bar where she requests permission to enter this private, sovereign state. She then proceeds into the City walking several paces behind the Mayor. Her entourage may not be clothed in anything other than service uniforms. In the nineteenth century, 90% of the world's trade was carried by British ships controlled by the Crown. The other 10% of ships had to pay commissions to the Crown simply for the privilege of using the world's oceans. The Crown reaped billions in profits while operating under the protection of the British armed forces. This was not British commerce or British wealth, but the Crown's commerce and the Crown's wealth. As of 1850, author Frederic Morton estimated the Rothschild fortune to be in excess of $10 billion (today, the combined wealth of the banking dynasties is estimated at around $500 trillion). Today, the bonded indebtedness of the world is held by the Crown. The aforementioned Temple Bar is the juristic arm of the Crown and holds an exclusive monopoly on global legal fraud through their Bar Association franchises. The Temple Bar is comprised of four Inns of Court. They are: the Middle Temple, Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn and Gray's Inn. The entry point to these closed secret societies is only to be found when one is called to their Bar. The Bar attorneys in the United States owe their allegiance and pledge their oaths to the Crown. All Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the International Bar Association located at the Inns of Court of the Crown Temple. The Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license that bleeds Canada and Great Britain white, while the Middle Temple has license to steal from America, still the most powerful and wealthiest nation in the world, so we are told. There are three distinct landscapes to the appearance of the Harlot "Babylon" which can be figuratively referred to as her body, spirit and soul. According to Scripture these three aspects of Babylon are to be destroyed at three different points in time. The first aspect according to Jeremiah 51:59-64 is the literal geographical city of ancient Babylon, in present day Iraq. This would refer spiritually to the "body" of Babylon, a literal city that has existed in various states of ruin, renewal, and control by various ethnicities and powers throughout its 'physical life.'

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In the Hebrew Bible, the name appears as בבל (Babel) interpreted by Book of Genesis 11:9 to mean "confusion, dispersion" (of languages), from the verb balal בלל meaning "to confuse and disperse". Babylon as a city rose to power drawing from the Mesopotamian histories of the earlier Sumerian culture before it to itself become one of the wonders of the ancient world, a Kingdom later reflected in the vision of the Prophet Daniel who saw a large statue with a Golden Head to represent Babylon being part of the larger body of global Satanic Kingdoms that would rule the world. In time Babylon would fall to other influences such as the Persian Empire, the Macedonians under Alexander the Great, yet eventually Babylon became nothing but a few barely-maintained structures in the desert, the physical city never rising again to hold the epic prominence it was had in the ancient world. By that which is revealed in Jeremiah 50:18-20, 51:19-24 we know that the final destruction of the literal city of Babylon was prophesied to occur within the last days, specifically in the Great Tribulation, the last 42 months of Antichrist's power. The second manifestation of that yet-to-be future "Mystery Babylon" is thus spiritually called, and not to be taken in the literal sense, meaning, the Antichrist's future Church Kingdom will arise from the spirit that was Babylon, to culminate in that future sacrilegious seat by which the Antichrist and his False Prophet establish as a global religious system to further solidify the Antichrist's total control of the planet, but it will not rise up out of Iraq proper, as so many falsely interpret. This same religious system is in its maturing stages at present with the globally-accepted New Age Movement and its major tenants drawn from ancient Babylonian witchcraft and Occult magickal systems. This "spirit" of Babylon, is already infecting the minds of millions globally in one form or another and guiding the planet into 'One World' thinking in advance of the Antichrist's arrival. The belief that spiritual power can come to an individual outside of God through self-effort, or 'nature spirits,' meaning, the demonic powers masquerading as those same supposedly benign spirits are all part of the mystery religion that still is Babylonian paganism. All world religious beliefs not founded on the absolute truths of the Bible have descended from Mystery Babylon and can be described as religions of Babylonian paganism. Therefore, those who claim they are not Pagans because they are not witches or are witches and claim they aren't Satanic simply do not understand the common root and source of all polytheistic and pantheistic beliefs that originated from the ancient Babylonian mystery religions dating back over 4,000 years.

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The third aspect of the 'Babylon' to rise is the physical Kingdom of the Antichrist whose own future Kingdom has in itself two aspects, the religious and the economic. These two seemingly opposed aspects may have been what was referenced to in Daniel's prophecy when the Angel Gabriel told him these aspects are as iron mixed with clay. Now while the Mystery that is that future Babylon seems to be rooted in the Middle East, very few doubt that it is in the West where one can literally see how Babylon's paganism fused into ancient Roman worship, past, and indeed in the present. The European Union, which was established by the 'Treaty of Rome' is without a doubt the ultimate fulfillment of the restored Roman Empire with Europe's affinity to identify itself with Babylon, even as the European Union has adopted symbols which are of stylized Babylonian design, specifically, the images provided by the Book of Revelation's Great Whore, which is telling in itself. They know of what they're working toward, and for whom. Outside the Council of Europe building in Brussels there stands a sculpture of a woman riding a bull, a representation of the Greek myth of Europa. This building is the nerve center of the EU, where laws are written by unelected men, only later to be rubber stamped by the EU parliament. Its new parliament building opened in Strasbourg in December 2000 is deliberately modeled on Brueghel's painting of the Tower of Babel. When asked by a secular journalist ‘Why the Tower of Babel' an EU official replied, ‘What they failed to complete 3000 years ago - we in Europe will finish now.' An EU promotional poster has a reproduction of The Tower of Babel with construction cranes above it and the caption ‘Many tongues, one voice.' This coming Satanic Empire, therefore, whose own soul and spirit is derived of Babylon yet whose physical territories encompass modern Europe, shall become the power base of a New World Economic system as well as a World Religion. This is the Mystery behind the Whore of Babylon. The author of Revelation's own prophetic vision into these future events were remarkably similar, yet even more detailed than Daniel's, as John was shown the Whore of Babylon (the religious system) riding the power of the Roman Empire/Beast that rules from a city on seven hills, interpreted as Vatican City, the one city that throughout its history has never had any pretensions about her rights to rule over the kings of the earth from her city upon seven hills. Interestingly, the Demonic-worshipping Scottish Rite Freemasons refer to the Queen of England in their dark ceremonies as 'The Queen of Babalon.'

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The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes solid gold bullion worth billions, and is stored within the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, of which the Queen controls. Similarly, the US Federal Reserve Bank, with all of its own physical gold assets having been shipped from Fort Knox to the same Bank of England, proves that it won't be the Vatican that is slated to rule the coming post-American world, but the British Monarchy and its Masonic handlers! Thus, the Vatican Whore has given over all of its centuries amassed wealth over to the British Royal Family, and ultimately, in so doing, to the Antichrist himself, in order so that when he arises, he is instantly made the most powerful man in the world, financially, metaphorically, figuratively, literally, and spiritually. The Vatican still holds enormous business venture investments with the Rothschilds in Britain, with big oil, like Shell, and black project weapons corporations such as General Electric among several others. Therefore, Revelation's quasi-religious Whore of Babylon could be no other than Catholicism, albeit a coming twisted version of Catholicism, and one that has gone back to its own pagan roots, which must don't know, is precisely the spiritual cesspool that the Judeo-Christian turned counterfeit Roman religion arose from in the first place. In stark terms to how actually Christianity arose, with Jesus Christ heading up the true faith, Catholicism was created by mixing ancient Babylonian Paganism with pagan Roman god and goddess traditions, that infused a bastardized form of Christianity, as a template, over the combined result, to form a new global religion under the premise of unifying the ancient world, the same already conquered world that Rome was losing as its empire was fading into obscurity. Therefore, Rome created the new religion, that they wantonly sold as 'Christianity,' in order to allow Rome, via its new Vatican, to still hold power over the world, spiritually, that they were losing, militarily. As such, ancient Rome has managed to stay in power over all these centuries, and quite effectively, as a result. This is what is meant by Revelation in its reference to Rome as being that which the whole world has been drunken with, even as Roman Catholicism has infected the entire planet with its Antichrist paganism, that is now becoming blatantly Antichrist under the current Pope. It is the Book of Revelation that so perfectly portrays future Rome and its religious Babylon as intoxicating herself on the blood of the true martyrs of Jesus Christ over these last 2,000 years, which of itself, becomes our greatest clue marking her as that defiled institution existing since the time when Christians were being martyred, until the end times, when Antichrist uses the Roman religion to further his own takeover of the planet. Moreover, this Babylon Whore has become rich off the blood of martyrs, using Christ in the most twisted ways as a leverage to gain such heights of majestic power, globally, but ultimately, for Satan himself. There is certainly no denying the many historical atrocities committed by the Roman Church in all its horrors, inquisitions, or Crusades by which they slaughtered Jews by the thousands, or any of its other forms of rampant anti-Semitism most recently seen in their turning their backs on the European Jews as they were systematically led to slaughter by genocide in the Holocaust, and yet the face of this great evil lives on still, in Rome.

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Even so, God shall destroy this global religious institution once and for all at some point after the midpoint of the Tribulation. Her temporary control over the Beast was only tolerated by the Antichrist so that she could be used to bring her illegitimate children together in unity so that together they may be destroyed all at once. The Ten Kings will then devote all of their power, authority, and will, to the establishment of the finalized Kingdom of the Antichrist by destroying the religious aspect of Mystery Babylon. Just before this event, Revelation 18:4-8 informs us that 'I heard another Voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you. How much she hath glorified herself. Therefore shall all her fiery plagues come in one day. Revelation 18:7 reveals that in her final form, Babylon the Economic Center from which Antichrist holds all power over the planet's wealth, is no longer referred to as a Harlot, but instead as a Queen (i.e. Britannia). Like Vatican City, London’s Inner Temple is also a privately owned corporation, or city state, located in the heart of Greater London. It became a sovereign state in 1694 when King William III of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the bankers. By 1812 Nathan Rothschild crashed the English stock market and scammed control of the Bank of England. Today the city state of London is the world’s financial power center and the wealthiest square mile on the face of the Earth. It houses the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, Lloyd’s of London, the London Stock Exchange, all British Banks, the branch offices of 385 foreign banks, and 70 US banks. It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag, and its own police force. It is not part of Greater London, England, or the British Commonwealth, and pays no taxes. The city state of London houses Fleet Street’s newspaper and publishing monopolies. It is also the headquarters for worldwide English Freemasonry and headquarters for the worldwide money cartel know as the Crown. The Club of Rome is a conspiratorial umbrella organization promoting the One-World Government, a marriage between Anglo-American financiers and the old Secret Nobility families of Europe, particularly the so-called "nobility" of London (Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Prince Charles), Venice and Genoa. The key to the successful control of the world is their ability to create and manage savage economic recessions and eventual economic depressions, and first to be taken down will be the United States. Because of the prophecy in Daniel 9:26 which reveals that the Antichrist will come from the people that destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, we know the Queen's city will be found in what was once the Roman Empire albeit the future Queen of Economic Babylon is therefore perfectly represented in Britannia, the Whore of Babylon.


This will be preceded by an Eclipse of the Sun more obscure and tenebrose than has ever been since the creation of the world, up to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and from thence till now. There will be in the month of October a Grand Revolution made, so one would think that the librating body of earth had lost its natural movement in the Abyss of perpetual darkness. Signs seen in the spring-time and after with extreme changes ensuing, reversal of Kingdoms and Great Earthquakes...accompanied with the procreations of the New Babylon

Nostradamus' Epistle to the King of France Henry II

The Whore of Babylon and the Spiritual City of Antichrist
London was actually founded by the Romans in their expanse toward a New World Order of the ancient world to quickly became a large industrial port city linking it directly to Rome. After which, Rome then flooded thousands of troops into the New Roman City where they conquered it and ancient Britain north to Hadrian's Wall. Along with the soldiers, came Roman architecture, roads, culture, art, laws, Latin, and more importantly, Rome's Empire and spirit into Britannia where it later resurrected into the powerful British Empire (and will again.) Biblical prophecy authors and researchers have debated for decades declaring that Antichrist must be a Roman, and arise out of Rome from their linear understanding of the Scriptures in Daniel and Revelation. A more careful look at those same prophecies however clearly indicate that the coming Prince arises out of a nation (and city) that was part of the ancient Roman Empire, not Rome itself. The fact that London was actually created by Roman hands does lend an interesting connection and shows us that London became, in effect the New Rome. As Rome and the Roman Empire itself waned in power, England and its new capital city of London gained in power, prestige, and global influence. We can see by this example how a historic commercial and financial Goliath like the 677 acre former ancient Roman settlement, the City of London with its renown Bank awash in Masonic connections will certainly fulfill its intended role. With the British Isles historic Celtic beliefs together with what is known as British Israelism, one can find a strong foundation for a religion which can be used to position the Antichrist as the last day's false Messiah. Combining these facts with the January and December 1999 reports from the Electronic Telegraph with the proposal to replace Britain's Coronation services with a multi-faith ceremony having contributions from many other faiths and that the religion of the United Kingdom would no longer be explicitly Protestant, in opposition to Roman Catholic inclusion in government affairs, but instead adopt more of a synchretic faith that includes all religions and cultural beliefs, including a New Age form of "Celtic Christianity," which believes Christ was merely an ascended mindset of whom anyone could become, as well as teaching that Christ and His "lost years" were inextricably linked to Glastonbury, and the teachings of pagan Druidism, from which He supposedly derived His Godly power. Clearly, Great Britain is therefore well on its way to fulfilling its roles prophesied in Revelation: "And the Woman which thou sawest is the great city that currently reigns."

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An even more disconcerting report concerning the growing efforts of Great Britain to establish economic control was its parallel attempt at developing a far reaching religious authority in the world, shared in the Electronic Telegraph January 2000 article which stated that "Leaders from the nine religious faiths in Britain stood together in the Palace of Westminster yesterday and made a public commitment to work together for the common good in the Third Millennium.' Hosted by Catholic Prime Minister Tony Blair, the event brought together Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, Jains, Bahai's and Zoroastrians in the Royal Gallery of the House of Lords where the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. George Carey, stood shoulder to shoulder with Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, Iqbal Sacranie, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, among several other leaders of multicultural faiths to offer "a joint Act of Commitment to work together in a world scarred by the evils of war, racism, injustice and poverty, to help bring about a better world now and for generations to come." Tony Blair described the occasion as progress of a very special sort, showing how Great Britain will "lead the way in such efforts now and especially in the future." Dr. Carey emphasized the Christian nature of the Millennial celebrations, but acknowledged "the increasingly important contribution of other faiths." He went on to say "This event will, I believe, be seen by future generations as truly historic." Interestingly, Revelation 18 closes out the chapter with a call from Heaven that believers rejoice over the final destruction of Babylon whose roots are ancient yet culminate in future having the singularity of all faiths bound together under a single banner to a strange god far removed from that of the Bible, to one connected with modern Satanism, Paganism, Occult and the Antichrist 666. This final aspect of commercial/political Babylon is to be destroyed, along with the Antichrist, at the close of the Great Tribulation by Jesus Christ Himself. Her final moments will come by an unparalleled earthquake (Revelation 16:16-19) along with swift acting plagues and the earth being in complete shock leading up to the Battle of Armageddon.

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In lieu of the coming New World Order to be carved out of the modern EU nations which are already held in secret subjection to the growing and now massive Anglo-British Empire, a movement and foundation was set up in 1909 called The Round Table Society which sought to create a world entirely governed by England [specifically by London]. In 1888, Cecil Rhodes, diamond-mogul and owner of De Beers, realized this vision while collaborating with Alfred Beit and London banker Nathaniel M. Rothschild. Expressing his belief in the inherent racial and cultural superiority of Anglo-Saxons, Rhodes argued that only the British should rule the world. To this end, Rhodes put forward his own vision of an expanded British Empire that would be achieved by the formation of the Round Table secret society. This society would have "its members in every part of the British Empire," including in the schools and universities to select new members and in the Colonial legislatures, where they would "advocate the closer union of England and to crush disloyalty and every movement for the severance of our Empire". He also envisaged this secret society owning "portions of the press, for the press rules the mind of the people." By the late 1890s, Cecil Rhodes embraced the idea known as "Empire scholarships" for white men drawn from the British Empire and the United States with the aim to instill in the minds of the students "the advantages to the Colonies as well as to the United Kingdom of the retention of the unity of the Empire" by strengthening "those invisible ties which will keep together the Anglo-Saxon race." Rhodes’s detailed instructions for his scholarship scheme provided for 60 students from the Empire, 32 from the United States and a smaller number from Germany to be taught and accommodated at Oxford for one year, and so the "Rhodes Scholarships" were born and still exist to this very day. Prominent Rhodes Scholarship alumni include the former US President Bill Clinton, as well as at least 9 senior officials in the Clinton Administration and 11 in the Kennedy Administration, and a few Rhodes Scholars are found in the current Bush Administration lending many to speculate that a disproportionate number of its candidates will continue to achieve the most prominent positions of power, i.e., business, law, intelligence, and the military. The Round Table is also responsible for the formations of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and others propagating their own Cainite brand of global rule Anglo-Racist Global Rule. The fact that London burned in the year 1,666 was God's obvious omen shown, after which the Masonic powers ruling London rebuilt the Whore in a massive rebuilding program that same ill-fated year.

The Whore of Babylon and the Future Church of Antichrist
From New Age notions of a Mother Earth Goddess figure to the Goddess of Witchcraft, the basis of Satan's future Church is firmly rooted in the present age. Add to that the heavily propagated figure of Mary Magdalene clearly being used to deceive the entire world into thinking Antichrist's lineage is Christ's lineage and the foundation for a great end-time apostasy is already being set in motion. Consequently, is it any wonder why the Merovingians and their complicated genetic histories have found such renewed global interest at this time in history, when the world is besieged with such Antichrist doctrine that brings Cain's genealogy to the forefront to be masqueraded in only Messianic terms? As such, any serious undertaking and well-read research into the Occult proves the personage of Mary Magdalene is being used not to represent any female disciple of Christ (as Christ produced no heirs), but the New Age's so-called Divine Feminine, of which Satan (via his Antichrist and False Prophet) later uses to establish their global Judeo-Goddess religion. This Scarlet Woman is today revered as the Mother Goddess within all Witchcraft and in Secret Societies, interestingly enough. As Satan's spiritual consort, the Scarlet Woman Babalon [Hebrew: ShNI AShH =666] sometimes referenced as "Lilith," carries with her the Golden Cup filled with the blood of martyred [murdered] Saints and is the "Mother of Abominations on the earth." As the Black Madonna, this Satanic Matriarch who laid with Cain and begat Enoch, of whom Cain named that first city after, shows us how from Cain to Enoch to Antichrist, Satan will fulfill the destiny of his children. Lillith's own evils are written across time, and most notably within the Cainite Zohar itself. Like Satan, she is known by hundreds of names: Hecate, Ishtar, Isis, Artemis, Aprodite, Astarte, Inanna, Brigid, Cerridwen, Rhiannon, and Diana. In her role as 'Our Lady Babalon, she is the Mother of all those who falsely label themselves Rex Deus, the Royal Lineage of Judah, yet more accurately: the Royal House (lineage) of the Dragon, Synogogue of Satan. In 2005, the European media reported that Italy has been overtaken by a growing tide of Satanism and Satanic activity. Meanwhile, there were separate reports citing Satanism even being practiced in the Vatican itself, by high ranking Cardinals and those nearest to the Pope.

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Since the future World Church of the Antichrist will be rooted in ancient Babylonian paganism whose ancient Goddesses are still venerated by millions worldwide and because the Antichrist has already been determined to be both Biblically connected to ancient Greco-Roman as well as Celtic protoculture, certainly this Goddess who shall be received as central to any Antichrist Church must be one that was worshipped in the ancient world, including Rome and Dark Ages Britain, right up until to the present day. As such, Diana was not only vehemently worshipped and violently adored in the ancient world, she is still being invoked as a relevant Goddess right up until the modern age. The name Diana is not lost in its eerie coincidence to that of Prince William's mother, herself seen as the modern version of a benevolent Goddess figure adored the world over, in life, and even moreso in death. Also interesting is the fact that Princess Diana was buried in Althorp on a small isle surrounded by water, recalling the timeless Arthurian Lady of the Lake saga. Even the Scriptures cite how Diana was held in such high regard among those who withheld not to invoke her name at the dawn of Christianity, which still holds true today. The Goddess Diana is so intertwined within modern Witchcraft that those invoking her are known as Dianic Witches, and it shall be Witchcraft (and its male counterpart, Celtic Druidism) that shall make up the core belief system of the future New Age Church of Antichrist. The Scriptures of Revelation 9:20-21 and 1Timothy 4:3 detail a future time when people accepting the Antichrist religion will worship demons in the form of idols, as well as abstaining from eating meats and partaking in marital sex (or the Godly institution of marriage will be banned altogether in Antichrist's Kingdom). For just as Christ will be given over in Marriage to His Church which is called Virgin [Revelation 19:7-9], so shall the Antichrist have his counterfeit Church, albeit a Whore. Instead of having Christ's Blood wash away the sins of man, Satan uses Christ's Blood(line) to perpetuate the Antichrist's washing of man's minds. Instead of being built on God's Truth, it is built on lies, from the original liar to mankind who since Eden has sought to destroy man. Witches today want to erode the Bible in favor of Witchcraft that place women above man, as Satan adores for his own twisted purposes of deception, as goddess above God.

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In Occult lore, Babalon is the Dark Primal Mother Goddess holding the Grail which contains the Knowledge of both Womb and Death. There is a Satanic prophecy that speaks to this 'sacred feminine' Antichrist aspect comparing Babalon to a return of Jezebel with her children (see Revelation 2:20-24) culminating in the Whore of Babylon, the feminine aspect of the male-dominated empire of Antichrist whose sole existence is to lie in direct opposition to Christ's Virgin/Bride Church and is metaphorically responsible for birthing Cain's evil seed as false and carnal Royalties collectively called the Holy Grail, Christs (false) lineage of 'Messianic successors.' She is the Temple Babalon and Divine, the Bride of Satan described so perfectly as a Whore. The Magdalene (Merovingian) Bloodline, from which is brought forth flesh for the Antichrist. This is the reason why Catholics, who have been worshipping their version of a Virgin Goddess for over two millennia, will easily be able to assimilate themselves into that future Rome, the Satanic Vatican, the probable location of that future Antichrist Church called Mystery, its children called 'deceived.' The fact that the Book of Revelation depicts the Whore of Babylon as riding upon the Beast proves that these two distinct entities share power in their meteoric rise to power, however once Antichrist achieves all that brings him complete control of world power, he suddenly brings the Whore down to her utter destruction. Interestingly, as early as 900 AD, the Church actually addressed the pagan worship of Diana in the Canon Episcopi, a document which stated that the followers of Diana were deceived by Satan himself regarding her worship, of course this was all done at a time when the Church itself practiced Goddess worship itself in the form of Mary [Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 450]. The Canon Episcopi itself helped establish the historical concept of the Sabbat which also cited that as chief of the Demon horde, Diana was equated with Satan therefore the women who follow her must be worshippers of the Devil [History of Witchcraft p.54]. The Canon specifically says: "some wicked are perverted by the Devil and led astray by illusions and fantasies induced by demons, so that they obey Diana's commands...on certain nights are called out in her service, for Satan has the power to transform himself into a god/goddess."

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This necessarily places her in the role of a goddess figure. She was viewed in this way by followers of esoteric Christian cults in Europe from the Middle Ages onward, and now she’s viewed that way by popular culture. And just like the Virgin Mary, the figure of the Magdalen built up by legend, and portrayed in Catholic iconography, has most certainly been patterned on the imagery of the ancient goddess Ishtar or Venus. One of the most obvious connections is her name, which sounds much like “Migdol,” a Babylonian word which meant “tower.” The goddesses Ishtar, Artemis, and Diana (different names for essentially the same figure) have all been portrayed in ancient times wearing a crown made of four towers. Mary Magdalen is shown wearing the same headdress in a statue outside the church at Rennes-le-Chateau. Ishtar was actually called “the Mother of Harlots,” and her cult was celebrated in Babylon with the practice of temple prostitution.

Tracy R. Twyman Interviewed About Rennes-le-Chateau

The Temple of the Great Goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all the world worshippeth. And when they heard these things they were full of wrath and cried out saying, Great [is] Diana of the Ephesians!

Acts 19:27-28; The Holy Bible

The whole spectacle was yet another example of what the Bible condemns as an abomination. Perhaps it was the figure of Diana that John [author of Revelation] has in mind when he conjures up the Mother of Harlots. Diana was an ancient Moon Goddess known earlier in Greece as Artemis. Witches had been publicly linked with the worship of Diana in Rome as early as 30 BC in the writings of Horace, Ovid, and Lucan.

A History of the End of the World p. 67; Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft p. 23, 453

And I saw a Woman sit upon a scarlet coloured Beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the Woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a Golden Cup [Satanic Grail] in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her [sexual] fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of Abominations of the Earth.

Revelation 17:3-5; The Holy Bible

After her divorce from Alex Sanders in 1973 she briefly turned away from Witchcraft and joined the semi-Occult Liberal Catholic Church. Today she runs a Coven from her London home. As Christianity in the West wanes and new faiths rise to eclipse it, what will be the fate of Witchcraft? It has spread across the country and she is nominally the head of the Alexandrian tradition of Witchcraft.

Out of the Shadows: A Complete History p. 143

We are now in the last days of Satan’s reign and he is working overtime through his agents to complete the takeover of the world. His agents are nothing less than the Freemasons who have permeated to the very heart of the Catholic Church. It is the task of Freemasons to lull Christians, especially priests, into believing that the Devil and his demons do not exist. These agents of Satan were waiting for their time to come. The Freemason antichrists became priests for this purpose. They aim to take religious power throughout the world, just as they have taken economic and political power.

Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light, Cornwell, 1991

Meanwhile, the endless genealogy of a damned heresy continues, a doctrine of demons and teaching of devils that has been released into the world and is being taught in these last days exactly as prophesied. You can now see how this DaVinci/Magdalene heresy easily assimilates itself into British-Israelism, and how together, it can deceive those whose target is has been prepared for. Furthermore, this known revelation of Princess Diana as some New Age/Catholic Magdalene is only the shadow of the reality which the occult version of Magdalene is effectively based, but in Truth is actually referring to Eve who spawned such a seed of Satan more than any Co-Redemptrix in the guise of Mary Magdalene ever could, even as they are now desperately making her out to be. As the Scriptures clearly state - this yet unknown woman who has given us the Bloodline of Antichrist has as her name Mystery and she does have in her hand a golden cup (Grail) brimming with the Blood(line). Interestingly enough, Diana as a newborn was christened Diana Frances Spencer (Stuart) on 30 August 1961 at Mary Magdalen Church, in Sandringham, U.K., whose last words before her death in 1997 are reported to be "I will rise." As mentioned, the current figure of Mary Magdalene is used to deceive the world into thinking this Satanic lineage, is Christ's lineage, while the figure of Magdalene portraying Christ's wife is completely archetypal. The Occult figure of Magdalene is only a personage used to tempt both Roman 'Christianity' and pagan alike, because as one quickly learns within Occult teachings, what they refer to as Magdalene is not the first century female disciple of Christ, but at its core is actually to represent a more ancient feminine principle traced to the most primal Goddess. Another portent and prophecy which coincides and connects these specific destructive events to happen in Rome and its future Antichrist/Goddess Church was put forth by Saint Malachy the 12th century Bishop of Ireland. According to the traditional account, Malachy was summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II in 1139. While in Rome, Malachy experienced a vision of future Popes which he recorded as a sequence of 112 cryptic phrases, all of which indicate some noticeable trait of all future popes from Celestine II, who was elected in the year 1130, until the destruction of Rome and the end of the world. This manuscript was then deposited in the Roman Archive, and thereafter forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1590. The last of these prophecies concerns that destruction of Rome (at the hands of the Antichrist and his Ten Kings) and reads as follows: "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many Tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people, the end." Interestingly, being that Malachy only predicted 112 Pontiffs, knowing that Pope John Paul II was #110, and that the short-reigning, scandal-plagued, Pope Benedict XVI is #111, we are obviously very close to this last Pope to reign, that Malachy called Petrus Romanus.

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It is under the reign of Petrus Romanus whose reign coincides with the end of the world, or, the Christian religion as we know it. Indeed, we continually see this melding of the Catholic faith with that of liberal politics, and with Pagan, even Masonic, mystery religions that is telegraphing that last world religion to come. As such, Pope Francis is certainly plunging the church into dangerous waters that look much more like modern Wicca, than traditional Christianity. His liberal views on abortion and homosexuality, that are still two clear tenants of the Satanic Black Mass, and are both rooted in the most ancient forms of Satanic worship, as well as paganism, are taking the global Roman church into its final form, exactly as predicted. Revelation 17:9, 18 clearly tell us where that future Antichrist Church is located, a Whore sitting upon the seven hills, calling it a city which reigns over all nations. At the time Revelation was written, the city upon seven hills which reigned was none other than Rome, where today's Vatican City rules over 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide. As Christ is shown with the Holy Woman that births Him in Revelation 12, so too we see the Apostate Woman that bears the Antichrist in Revelation 17. The future Antichrist religion therefore is the ever melding combination of today's increasingly liberalized Roman Catholic Church with that of the future Whore and its 'mysteries revealed' to create something closer to a Christo-pagan system by which the entire world could be included into its fold (like lambs to the slaughter). Thus, the Catholic church as the lingering dead Roman Empire it always was, has certainly held on to its once waning power by circumventing true Christianity, in favor of its strong, unifying principle it undoubtedly carried, and so it was that which the third century Romans were attempting to annex unto itself, in order so the Empire would not so quickly fall away. In other words, they saw the undying rise of Christianity as mortar to their crumbling brick. Despite "the Church" being used by God to further True Christendom at various points in history, they never were, have been, actual Christians belonging to Christ's Church Bride. The Whore is still filled with vain superstitions who have their actual origins in the pagan world, and as such, shall she appropriately meet her fateful end as a whore. However, Just as Christ forgave the woman in the act of adultery, telling her to go and sin no more, so shall He call out those who belong to Him away from that Great Whore. Just before her destruction at the hands of the Ten Kings, God loudly declares for its inhabitants to "come out of her my people, for her sins have reached Heaven." Therefore, inasmuch as the Romans killed Christ, following after Satan, so too are their spiritual descendants rightly called the Great Whore of Babylon, and reside in Rome.

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Since The DaVinci Code was released in 2003, many have asked in their vanity-laden ignorance, why Christ being married and having sex could be of such evil. After all, ancient Rabbi's were allowed and even supposed to marry. In this have actually answered their own question. Of course, mere human Rabbi's can and it is their ancient tradition to marry, however, Christ was no mere human or traditional Rabbi, but the co-Creator of mankind itself, and therefore Christ's Wife could be no mere mortal woman, but that metaphorical Woman that is the Christian Church itself. Moreover, The DaVinci Code nor any one of the hundreds of similar books which followed them are the Holy Scriptures, but are in fact hold the exact opposite agenda, even as they turn Christ into a common man and assign absolutely none of the Divine to the Lord whatsoever. This is where they do err, and yet it all following an ancient design prepared long ago as part of Satan's Great Work and platform by which he can later present his own 'Christ,' this deception is allowed to flourish so without any great contention. Those researchers and authors turned 'Grail' converts who attempt to crush the Divine Christ under the weight of their twisted assumptions based on lies just to support their own Antichrist Bloodline agenda are just as guilty as Satan and his people in this world who push such an agenda in the first place, the foul spirits not knowing Christ is the Lord and Savior King who arose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father in all Power and Glory and Majestic Divinity, just as He was before He was sent to earth to eradicate the power of Satan - sin and death. In stark contrast however, citing the torn pieces of some gnostic heretical gospel that He was tempted to fall in love with Magdalene, that He survived the Cross, and moved to France or Britain taking the once demonic-infested, possessed, and pregnant Harlot Magdalene with Him. Of course this would mean He was not the Messiah fulfilled, no perfect sacrifice prophesied by God's many Prophets, certainly no 'God in Man.' For this cause, the teachers and people believing such blasphemy already have the spirit of Antichrist, and are therefore readied to see their blasphemous King arise. In this, their heretical interpretations make Christ of nil effect, and this must be for a reason which suits only Satan's cause, as the strain of their efforts are grand in their design while the Scriptures depict a prophesied Christ, Holy, who must be found perfect, spotless, a Passover atonement and sacrificial Lamb for the complete remission of sins to be the eternal and acceptable sacrifice unto God and man (see John 14:6, Heb. 4:15, 2:18, 1Tim. 2:5-6, 1Cor 15:47, 2Cor 5:21).

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Nowhere is Jesus Christ debased more than on the Internet today, among people who have no clue about any of these things mentioned in this website. In their vast ignorance, do they consistently like to connect every evil of that spiritually dead, so-called "Christian" Catholic church, with that of worldwide Spirit-filled Protestant Church that is The Body of Christ, even the true Church without walls that upholds every Biblical teaching, that puts reveres no other 'man' or Pope, save the Jewish and Gentile Messiah, Jesus Christ, as our only Heavenly emissary, thus, having the right to be called by His name. Therefore, this generation today that is 'ever-learning by unable to come to the knowledge of the Truth,' is just that. In all their bashing of Christianity, as directed to them by the same Satanic elites that they vainly believe they are against, does it also escape them that they are making an enemy of their own Creator, while at the same time, standing firm on the side of Antichrist, of whom they know even less. In this are they willingly ignorant, for the same Bible by which they will be judged by, is the same they consistently reject at every moment of their earthly lives. As such, while true Catholicism has NEVER been Christian, it also needs to be said that the Catholic church, despite all its own sins, has never taken away from the Holy Spirit or Christ's own Divinity, nor has it taken anything away from us, as The Body of Christ who follow after the Holy Spirit. Moreover, there is nothing that any mere Christian among us has ever done that removes Christ's Father from His eternal Throne. They would be wise to know this the next time they unwittingly spend the day bashing Christianity all day, a work that only pleases the Synagogue of Satan. Christ, who has overcame the world and everything in it, is risen and seated upon His Sapphire Throne at the right hand of God. How interesting it is then, that so many would have you believe Christ has become utterly useless, while at the same time promote His supposed Bloodline that makes Antichrist the King of their world. In effect, it is by this Magdalene teaching that not only removes His Divinity from reprobate minds of those easily seduced, it works to promote the Royal Grail Seed that actually comprises Satan's lie and lineage. Despite their turning Jesus into a lustful creature based on Satan, Christ's examples of physical virginity are found everywhere in the Holy Scriptures, across both Testaments and it is the Holy Scriptures that put the matter to rest, in regards to all of this global deception that wants to demote Christ as a mere man, a good teacher, but having the carnal lusts of any other ordinary Rabbi who marries, or worse, has sex outside of marriage.

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Revelation 14:4 that looks into the future and sees 144,000 ancient Jewish Messianic believers who are sent to the earth as a witness of Christ, puts the matter to rest with the following "These are they which were not (notice past tense used) defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are also they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb [Christ]." So, there it is, the death of their entire Christ Bloodline theories. If even the 144,000 shall be "undefiled of women" while yet in their earthly bodies, following the Lord in every example and wherever He goes, how much more would the Lord Himself be undefiled and a Virgin, even the High Priest of this Church to which His Father was so vocally well pleased in Him! That said, the Lord Jesus Christ has only one Wife, called the Church washed in His Blood, a Bride which Revelation 21 perfectly describes during the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Therefore, beware of so-called scholars who reject Biblical Truth in place of apocryphal lies found in strange heretical texts which imply Christ to be little more than a carnal sexual being who has fallen for Magdalene. For they are antichrists, of the Antichrist, preparing the world for the Antichrist. Therefore, under her deceptive guise as a Goddess/Queen/Mother of all, this New Age Church will gather all her wandering children in their final march to destruction, as worshippers of none other than Lucifer himself. As Harlot it is made known to us that he/she is found in the role of a counterfeit archetype of the faithful, and betrothed Church of this world's only true King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Along with the enjoyment the Whore of Future Babylon derives from destroying true believers we are told that she is a bejeweled and extravagantly draped Harlot whose vanity and pride only exceeds her great wealth, yet we know from Daniel Chapter 11, the Antichrist shall have all power, including over all earthly wealth, meaining over gold, silver, gems, and other precious stones and metals of the earth. As it is written, once Antichrist has established enough global control, he will shake loose from being under his church's counterfeit religious yolk and order his Ten Kings to burn her with fire, fulfilling also the will of God for her many sins, for this Mother Babylon and Harlot of Mystery which began to spread over the face of the earth since the days of Genesis 10:8-10 shall be heard no more for ultimately, Satan destroys all of those utterly foolish enough to follow him. You may have heard the wise adage about Satan's greatest deception is convincing the world that he does not exist. Together, with the aid of his angels, Satan has thus placed himself as the main Messianic figure in countless religions across the world, both as a male and even as beautiful female deities, desperately wanting nothing more than to come out from the global religious closet and be called by his true name and worshipped in the place of God, and one day he will, thanks to those who worship him even now, under any one of many names. This is the purpose of the Antichrist, first seen as a humanitarian figure, then as a global King wielding true power, then as an "ascended being" possessed by "The Light," and finally, when he has placed the entire world under his subjection, only then will he finally show his true nature, seek to destroy Israel, and claim to be God Himself.

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In a two-hour presentation (available on DVD), Father O’Connor gave a homily titled “The Reign of the Antichrist,” in which he described how changes within society and in the institution were already at work before his death to provide for the coming of Antichrist. In this sermon and elsewhere, O’Connor outlined the catalyst for this scheme unfolding as a result of “Masonic Conspirators” within the organization whose plan, called “Alta Vendita,” would essentially take control of the papacy and help the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping the Antichrist.


BBC News: US Television Set for 'Jesus Wife' Storm
"A leading US TV news reporter has said her Disney-owned network is taking a huge risk with a news special which puts forward the question whether Jesus Christ had a wife. The American-produced programme is partly based on the best selling novel The DaVinci Code, the book alleges Mary Magdalene, a Biblical figure widely thought to have been a prostitute, was actually Jesus's wife, startling information purported to have been kept alive by an ancient secret society known as the Knights Templar." ABC News is breaking a major conditioning program designed to convince the world to believe that the Merovingian Bloodline, by which Antichrist will later convince the Jews he is their Messiah, is the heart of a very clandestine conspiracy involving the Catholic Church and what could have easily destroyed its iron first over the medieval European way of life, or at least that is the story they so badly want to attach to the ancient Roman Church, which is to be purposefully pulled down if Revelation 17:16-18 is any indicator! The very fact that this formerly so-called "secret information" is now being widely publicized by a top-rated American television station would mean that the time has arrived for hundreds of millions of people the world over to be exposed in perfect accordance to the Great Work, the Illuminati plan of restoration. Researchers of the "Merovingian Bloodline" and the new world order have recognized that the plan to produce Antichrist runs through a bloodline that claims direct descendancy through Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Occult legend states that Jesus really did not die on the cross, but merely fainted and that after the Crucifixion, His own disciples helped him escape from the guarded tomb during a nighttime excursion bringing Him then into the home of Mary Magdalene for the tending of His wounds. According to their own belief, it was shortly after this that Jesus Christ was reported to have wed Mary Magdalene. Shortly before the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans in 70 AD, Magdalene fled to France with certain children in tow, where she later gave birth to more supposed 'Royal children' called 'Kings of the earth' a reference to them having the Bloodline of Christ, to which this Merovingian Bloodline is traced.

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The Children of Christ, as it is said, eventually married into the Royal Frankish family of the time thereby pouring the most 'Holy Grail' Bloodline into Celtic Gaul and also upon the Thrones of other European nations. This blasphemous lie is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on mankind to date, yet it will be utterly believed. By who you may ask...the very ones who should be the most guarded. The Jewish Talmud and Kaballa state that Jesus did not die on the cross, but fainted, then escaped the tomb with the aid of His disciples and had intercourse with Mary Magdelene. The Jewish Talmud specifically goes on to state that Holy children came from this 'marriage,' and that the Bloodline of King David lives on thru a select few of those within the Houses of European Royalty. Israel, therefore, is in direct line to receive these lies in the future, and the ones responsible for perpetuating such a myth shall even have other things in store for the near future that are much more deceptive, to be propagated on a much wider scale, with great effect. The Merovingian history itself then moves to its first known King of the fifth century named Merovee who is said to have worshipped a Sun Bear ['Arthos'] in the form of the Roman Goddess Diana (who is also known in the Greek as Artemis), she being the ancient "virgin-mother goddess" of the Moon who is also symbolized by the white Unicorn at her side, it being her offspring. Bringing it all up to date and tracing this supposed Merovingian lineage from France into Scotland only adds to the mystique whereby the current royalty of Europe, especially that of Great Britain say (or have said of them) that they can "prove" their direct lineage to Jesus Christ through the use of these same, now well used lies. Specifically, since those of mainline religious Judaism (those who do not study Kaballah, Zohar, occult mysticism, etc.) still await a Messiah from the lineage of King David, Judaism today is primed to believe the Satanic Merovingian lies, yet in a slightly altered form, focusing on their King David instead of Jesus Christ. Time Magazine, CNN, and NBC all have their hand in the latest revelations about the harlot turned 'Saint,' yet the very reason all this seemingly "new information" of the former 'secret information' is now being made public, and now presented to the hundreds of millions of ABC viewers as 'news,' already implies it is fact, despite it being one of the greatest cons ever perpetuated on the medieval world then, and modern society now.

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From the Solar Priests of Atlantis to the "sacred knowledge" of the Celtic Druids, from the Mystery Schools in Greece, to the later heretical occult beliefs of Europe. From the Knights Templar to the many Anglo-central secret societies who came after, all have worked to keep the flame of their Messianic Sun-God alive, preparing for a future time when he would rise up, take on flesh, and restore a lost Golden Age. He has taken on as many mythic personages as he has names: For he has been Apollo, Mithras, Helios, Prometheus, Pharon, Thoth, Ra, Hara, Horus, Tammuz, Hermes, Lleu, Hu, Cernunnos, Herne, Shiva, Buddha, Set, Taliesin, and countless more. He is the Adversary, Satan, seen as a God and Morning Star by his worshippers throughout the ages. From the very beginning of time he worked through men in order to bring about his long-lost place among the Angelic Stars of Heaven as the King of Hosts. In this regard has Satan's children labored for centuries, deceiving men into rejecting the Truth of God and His Salvation through Christ, into accepting any myriad of lies which work to build the finalized personage of Antichrist. These same works can be tracked throughout history as they are the writings of vain men possessed of evil which speak of Christ to be as one of them, a mere mortal figure, and gnostic. From at least the time the above Scripture was penned, certain men have written legends and tales of Christ, many knowing they would cause division and strife in a future Church, even a future time. Today, you see it everywhere, secular scholars in heavy debate after discovering the latest heretical "gospel" which ultimately displays a 'Sexual Christ,' a very mortal figure quite different from the traditional view of the Church, to say the least. Of course, the Catholic Church has supposedly repressed this "secret" all along to keep their global power. What's actually happening however is that these so-called lost gospels that debase the Divinity of Christ are being released by Satanic men within secret societies to set the stage for a time when Christ would be rejected.

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In summary, there are two Women portrayed in the book of the Apocalypse who play pivotal, albeit opposite roles, in end-time events, one being a Virgin Bride of Christ, the other a Bloody Whore of Antichrist. These both are correctly interpreted to mean two distinct, opposite Churches, one of Christ, one of Antichrist. The future church of Satan, called the Whore of Babylon or Synagogue of Satan, and Christ's Virgin and blameless Church whom he "marries" in Heaven, after the Rapture. The prophet of God, Daniel, being led into a vision by the Angel Gabriel, was first shown this future Kingdom by which Antichrist shall provide the world for their Satanic religious worship. The later prophet, John, was also shown this same frightening image of a Woman, as 'Mystery Babylon the Great,' straddling a Beast in his Revelation (Rev. 17:6-7), even seeing her glorious adoration the world gave her, this false Goddess. Even so, one must remember this same Harlot is later stripped of her mighty power and burned alive as she is the ultimate Witch, a false Church, the Final Temptress to the nations. Once the world is completely taken by her every blandishment Satan has unleashed against them, and once he has secured complete control over the world, she, as that Global Goddess Church of the New Age is no longer needed, she has served her purpose. Alas, Satan ultimately will control the world solely through Antichrist, and he will not share power with anyone for he alone will claim to be God, Satan speaking through him. Taken more literally, She, being the female counterparts who still carry the Cainite lineage within their own DNA, like Diana, are also no longer needed to birth another Unholy Child of Cain 'for the Transgressors have come to the full.' The only thing for them to do next, is blame it all on the Jews and deceive billions in the conspiracy sphere first, and media thereafter. Given the way so many are talking about Israel today, in their duped fervor to revive Hitler, and his 1,000 year global Reich, evil believes its won already.

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