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The Age of Aquarius: A time that is believed by those within the New Age Movement that will herald a time of peace, love, and universal brotherhood. The term has come to signify spiritual, Occult, and metaphysical teachings and practices as well as their mainstream acceptance.

Essential Wicca p. 312-313

Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln suggest that the Priory of Sion is seeking to capture or exploit the emotional response surrounding the very concept of a living descendant of Jesus Christ. In other words it is essentially a cult response that is being orchestrated. Followers are swept along by their instinctive feelings. Logic and reason have no part in it. Presumably it is only a matter of time before somebody emerges to stake such a claim, establishing himself or herself as the leader of this ready-made pseudo-religious cult. The idea of the sacred Bloodline is also gradually integrating with more traditional New Age beliefs and culture, and claimants are treated with interest, respect. and even a certain awe. The New Age [does] tend to take Occult ideas and dilute them with hefty doses of naive "Love and Light."

The Sion Revelation p. 278, 291, 425

Marilyn Ferguson compiled and espoused a synthesis involving the theories of transformation and the secret plan of the Aquarian Age. In her studies of the scientific advancements of this age involving entropy and syntropy, holism, holographs, paradigm shifts, the uncertainty principle and evolution, she discovered that, "for the first time an American renaissance is taking place in all disciplines, breaking the boundaries between them, transforming them at their farthest reaches—where they all converge."

The Aquarian Conspiracy p.12

Meanwhile, progression continues to bring us nearer the Aquarian Age, and a Teacher is coming to give the Christian Religion impetus in a new direction.

Max Heindel in Gleanings of a Mystic, Chapter IX: The Coming Christ

If you haven't run into it before, it would be hard to avoid it now. Oprah's rolling out the red carpet for the New Age: a weekly online class with New York Times bestselling guru Eckhart Tolle and a daily broadcast with Marianne Williamson, whose Course in Miracles was beckoning seekers thirty years ago when I was [LSD] tripping through the wonderland of discovering my own divinity and wielding the powers of the universe to create my own reality. Ah, but I didn’t know Jesus back then – that is, I didn't know him as the Son of God. I knew him only through my guru, who taught that Jesus was a great spiritual master and who blended quotes from the New Testament with quotes from the Bhagavad-Gita to produce a spiritual foundation for people like me – too hip, too cool, too sophisticated to tie themselves to the narrow-minded thinking of Christianity.

What is New Age Religion and Why Can't Christians Get on Board?

From Climate Change to Witchcraft: Why Satan's New Age Religion is Taking Over
What is the New Age Movement? Certainly, the New Age as a movement (and religion) has well-positioned itself into every single area of modern life, but what are its goals, and who operates its borderless global cult following? As I've proven, Royal lineages of so-called "Elites," infused with Serpentine, Satanic, (or "Reptilian") Royal Bloodlines are running the world for its own ends, while the rest of us are mere cogs in their global scheme toward bringing their god of light forward in his destined role as the Rex Mundi or World King. While that is the truth, there have arisen many "truth reporters" of late who, while claiming much of the above, that these elites certainly do worship Satan, they'll attempt to still force the belief that Satan doesn't exist, and thus, the Satanic global elites worship Satan only for show, as some kind of revenge against the Catholic Church for such things as the Inquisition, etc. One such reporter who has risen to the top of this field is none other than David Icke, a former BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party. In his own words, he claims that all changed on a single day, in 1990, when a psychic told him that he was a healer who had been placed on Earth for a purpose, and that a spirit was soon going to pass messages to him that he was to release to the world. If any of this sounds familiar, you might remember that Aleister Crowley claimed the exact same thing. Moreover, being some kind of channel or conduit for some previously unknown intelligence is precisely how the self-titled "Great Beast 666," and 'the most wicked man in the world' also received his messages by the alien spirit named 'AIWASS' who seemingly afforded Crowley a similar air of infamy as an author and lecturer. In March 1991, David Icke held a press conference to announce that he was a "Son of the Godhead" – a phrase he said later the media had misunderstood. He said that a subsequent appearance on BBC's Wogan changed his life, turning him from a respected household name into someone who was laughed at whenever he appeared in public. He nevertheless continued to develop his ideas, and in four books published over seven years – The Robots' Rebellion (1994), And the Truth Shall Set You Free (1995), The Biggest Secret (1999), and Children of the Matrix (2001) – set out a worldview that combine his warped New-Age spiritualism, with the truth, and therein lies his problem. Despite his being better informed across the span of many years now, by me, directly (and I'm sure others, who've been influenced by my works since), his New Age views remain, and go at great length to systematically remove any and all Biblical Truth regarding the very real, otherwise, very truthful topic of human enslavement by those in control that so greatly harms his overall message, as well as his being responsible for creating an army of equally blind devotees the world over.

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In fact, to give David Icke any ear at all, is to hear him twist everything that is true, into one where ultimately, nothing is real other than the complete enslavement of mankind by a sky-fallen, shape-shifting, alien reptilian species who just happen to worship a being named Satan. As far as the reality of the spirit world, Icke explains what is called the spiritual realm to be nothing more than atoms sped up beyond light speed, which is how the Reptilians hide their reptilian faces to appear as Queen Elizabeth II, for example. Of course, such an explanation purposefully takes away from all previous notions regarding an infinite spirit world (where God, Christ, Satan, and Angels dwell) and how that world can actively descend into our own, or our own transcending with it. Moreover, Icke uses his made up theories to completely circumvent God, God's Son, God's Word, and God's much more accurate prophecies regarding the ultimate reality of what is actually happening all around us. Apparently having watched The Matrix films one too many times, David Icke now claims that there is no spirit world at all, in his latest way of quickly removing God or Satan from the equation, and that we are all instead living in a computer simulation designed by the Satanic-worshipping elites, whereby none of what we daily see, feel, or touch is real. Do you see the hypocrisy there? While he claims there exists these "men who know far more than us" and that they do worship Satan as a result, Icke feels he has to drastically circumvent any notion presented in the Bible, because the Bible, according to him, was written by the same Satanic elites! How perfect. As mentioned, David goes at great length in order to spin the truth far removed from the Scriptures, and its own epic war over the souls of mankind, into one where, no Christ exists to save us, but that he, as a kind of "Neo," character from The Matrix, will "awaken" us all to somehow shake the chains of enslavement off ourselves, firmly believing that if we collectively awake, the elites will then no longer have power over us, and that we can all move into the *New Age* together. So there it is, while Icke exposes the Masonic Overlords who govern this world, he is only moving in circles and taking his global followers right back under the same Satanic control they vainly believe they've awoken from, when Satan and his fallen will NEVER relent, despite whatever mankind vainly thinks. Because we know only God can destroy every work of our collective enemy, and only waits to do so according to the appointed timeframe that He Himself has placed (precisely 7,000 years) on this world, it will take much more than mankind waking up to the fact that he is being ruled by Satanists, to defeat Satan! Ultimately, David Icke cannot ever bring himself to recognizing the actual Truth, because to do so would mean he would have to submit to Christ and His Church, which he touts is just another from of control by "alien masters" to keep all Christian believers blind to their own Reptilian Overlord they call "Jehovah." Of course.

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David Icke, therefore, despite all the evidence proving the elite worship Satan and his demons, is by his own description, not only still 'sleeping,' but remains in a virtual coma, blind to the fact that his "alien masters" are none other than Satan and his Kingdom of Fallen Angels, who with their children, do exist to rule this planet and keep us far removed from the very One who can free us all. The New Age Movement itself is not defined by any singular religion or religious thought, but one metric it can be always measured by is that it's diametrically opposed to the Holy Bible. The force behind the New Age Movement wants to define it as a mere fusing together of eastern-influenced metaphysical ideologies blended together with Occult magic and traditions that arose in Europe, beginning with Celtic and Wiccan-based theologies. Celtic Druidism and Witchcraft falls under its many divisions, as well as Satanism, Kabbalah, Astrology, and Demonology. The New Age Movement is bound together by notions of “universal tolerance” and liberal interpretations of moral relativism where there is no concept of sin, thus, man needs no redemption other than what karma places on him. In other words, the New Age is nothing more than the rehashed traditions of all of Satan's ancient cultural religions that he used to cause mankind to look somewhere else other than their Creator for guidance. The New Age Movement is the natural progression of humanism taken to its 'next step,' teaching that humans have evolved biologically, and must now evolve spiritually to survive what is coming. Its belief systems are many, syncretic, fluid and able to morph into whatever man, no matter his creed, sex, or social standing, would like to draw from it. Therefore, Lucifer's New Age religion of (false) "Light" purposefully stands in direct opposition to the seemingly much more dark and supposedly rigid dogma of a jealous God of hatred and revenge, that all anti-Christians describe the God of Israel to be. However, behind all of the shiny glitz of its outward trappings, is the same dark spirit of the Occult that already drove men like Crowley drug-addicted, penniless, cursed, and absolutely mad toward their life's end, and damned for an eternity after that. According to those who profess such New Age ideals, we are currently moving away from the present Age of Pisces (which they define as the rule of Christ and His Church) to an Age of peace, harmony, understanding of global/personal enlightenment, that they claim defines the coming New Age of Aquarius, hence the name "New Age." Varying in everything from what is called synergy and synergistic principals, to the concepts of personal Christ consciousness (without the acceptance of Christ's Divinity), energy, global unity, oneness, harmony, transformation, 11:11, "the one," spirit growth, human potential, awakening, networking, purification, cleansing, holistic medicines, eastern meditation, martial arts, and transcendental meditation, resides this vague and nameless New Age god of supposed light.

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The origins of the New Age Movement date back to at least 1875 with the Theosophical works of Olcott and Blavatsky. The Theosophical Society, as it was called, espoused the abolishment of Christianity and Judaism while promoting the total unity of other world religions in their place, even as they claimed that their teachings were revealed by demons in the guise of so-called spirit or elemental guides. They emphasized heavily the evolution of a self-deified, master Aryan society, and a One World “New Age” religion and social order. In 1877, Blavatsky wrote the book 'Isis Unveiled' which sold out its very first day in print. In 1879, she launched 'The Theosophist' a monthly magazine started in India. By 1887, she launched 'Lucifer,' a monthly magazine started in London. The following year, in 1888, Blavatsky wrote 'The Secret Doctrine,' her master work. It was this book which put forth Blavatsky's Aryan (and anti-Semitic theories) on Atlantean and other 'Root Races' which later influenced Adolph Hitler and his own ideas about Luciferian Aryan supremacy. Pushing the New Age agenda further, British-born Alice Bailey founded the “Lucifer Publishing Company,” in 1922 which printed and distributed their own similar teachings which became increasingly singular in their intent and goal toward the concept of a Luciferian New World Order which was to be accomplished through various degrees and steps toward its ultimate realization in the 21st Century. Bailey’s teachings established the "Luciferic Initiation," a pledge of allegiance to the 'Christ' of the New Age and to the New World Order. As such, Alice Bailey discussed extensively the plans for a religious war between the forces of Good and Light (New Agers; "Light-workers") and the forces of Evil and Darkness (Christianity), as well as forced redistribution of wealth and the world’s resources, mass planetary initiations into the Movement, world-wide disarmament, a new theology with Lucifer as its God, and the complete elimination of "obstinate religions" namely Christianity and Judaism. Bailey even discussed the sacredness of a future New World Leader’s number (666) as well as the Solar Symbol which would symbolize his reign. Included in the metaphysical categorical subtext and soon after the work of Bailey came Margaret Murray of whom is believed by many experts and authors on the subject of Satanism and Witchcraft to have "made the single greatest impact on the idea of Witchcraft in the twentieth century." It wasn't until the 1950's however that her ideas found the audience she sought, she rightfully believed Witchcraft to be organized Devil Worship [Witchcraft Out of the Shadows p. 98-99]. Gerald Gardner and his own brand of Luciferian Witchcraft which he named Wicca in the 1950's which has rapidly evolved since if first came to public attention over a half century ago. Gardner was heir to ceremonial groups such as the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O as reformed by Crowley.

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In the 1960's, Wicca became commonly associated with the Goddess Diana and Rex Nemorensis (Satan in one of his many guises as World-King). At the time, Wicca very much appealed to the peace-loving bohemians dubbed hippies largely for its seemingly new approach at viewing the world as well as its seemingly strong ecological message. During the 1970's, Wicca moved toward a focus on Celtic religion in addition to the writings of Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, and the teachings of the Qabbalah which began to merge with Wiccan beliefs and practices. The 1980's brought Occult teaching into the mainstream under the newly-named category "New Age" while the 1990's witnessed a virtual explosion of new believers including the usual peacenik liberal leftovers from the bygone hippie era at the lower end of the metaphysical spectrum to the heads of major corporations worldwide in its increasingly organized cultish Craft. Adding to the Luciferian ideology of such proponents has come a new generation of Occult metaphysical idealists in league with preparing the world for the Antichrist. As such, David Spangler, Levi Dowling, Norman Cousins, George Trevelyan, Carlos Castaneda, Abraham Maslow, Ruth Montgomery, Jeremy Rifkin, and Marilyn Ferguson all lay the blueprint for the Antichrist's false Utopia that forcibly brings in the New Age on a global scale, which in turn sets the perfect foundation from which enters the Antichrist himself on the world scene, modern Occult (New Age/metaphysical) authors are intent on warping the minds of as many people as possible in preparation for their Satanic Utopia. The authors now number in the thousands with some being more propagated than others on American talk shows such as Larry King and Oprah. They include Eckhart Tolle, Shakti Gawain, Barbara Marx Hubbard, J.Z. Knight, Deepak Chopra, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet to name a relative few. Some authors have even linked quantum mechanics to New Age thinking to form a new sub-genre known as Quantum Mysticism which has also received much popularity of late, along with The Secret (Law of Attraction), and other offshoots related to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which cites the physical world is only what one believes it to be, again, very dangerous things to believe in at a time when the world is entering that prophesied age of great falling away and global Satanic deception. With such media savvy among them, as well as the post-modern and increasingly globalized neo-culture itself being re-geared toward New Age thinking, the Movement has actually achieved nearly every single one of its intended goals beset by its founders, and now only awaits the final completion of all their collective work, culminating in the Antichrist.

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In advance of this, the New Age Movement, through its many tentacles, via books, films, seminars, and personal growth retreats, teaches that one can have one or many so-called "Spirit Guides" to help them along their path toward ascension and enlightenment, which is strikingly familiar in its spiritual intent to the 'ascension-by-degrees' method taught behind the closed doors of Masonic lodges and other such Luciferian Societies the world over. Do not be deceived, the New Age Movement is a conspiracy toward bringing the entire world into the 'One Mind' concept, a New World Order under its secular "God," Lucifer, with our world ultimately to be governed by "the One," which by this point, you know exactly where that is heading toward. With the followers of such a movement all preparing for this New Age timeframe, many of them not your average bohemian-type, but holding prominent positions in business and finance, there is no doubt you who read this have been infected by its many tentacles and tenants along the way, perhaps without you even knowing it. Somewhere in your life the New Age mindset has affected you, either by close personal contacts such as through friends or family, or even by the programs you watch, the films you see, or in the books you read. It is everywhere, literally, all around you, surging its way into the minds of billions globally. In fact, "Globalism" and the "Green Movement" themselves are only two more ways in which the New Age is attempting to ready this planet and this generation for the many changes to come by 2020. Interestingly, July 28, 2019, (or 24 Tammuz, 5779 in the Jewish calendar), is a date which Grail researcher and author Tim Wallace-Murphy cites as relating to a coming Apocalypse, which, as already proven, their false New Age Apocalypse is certainly not the Biblical one, where evil is put down for good. [In fact, their 'Apocalypse' is what actually brings the Antichrist to power.] The date he arrived at comes from his research into Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel, or more precisely, the Masonic builders' placement of seven round stones prominently placed within. The seven rounded stones are believed to correspond to the seven major planets known by the ancients (the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), as well as seven local cathedrals (at Amiens, Paris, Chartres, Orleans, Toulouse in France and Compostela in Spain) depicted by the stones that oddly enough, will be exactly matched by the astronomical sky pattern of the seven planets, on one key date, July 28th in the year 2019. Pursuant to the Book of Revelations, this moment could be, as Wallace-Murphy believes, "an Apocalyptic creation...not a destruction of the world, but a transformation toward a New Age on earth." Such New Age authors speak of just such a time when the current world system is to soon be replaced with the establishment of an "New Age" by which mankind shall finally unite under one Occult hero of legend, exactly as Lucifer and his 'illuminated' men have long planned.

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Knowing that New Age Movement is already setting the Pagan foundation for the future One World Church, its also becoming quite clear that the current New World Order itself with its Oil Wars, anti-christ policies, and rampant injustice, is clearly playing out its purposed role of the global version of 'bad cop' that will after 2013, however, begin to assume its new role as global 'good cop' in order to deceive the world that the Old New World Order has fallen, like Babylon, while a new, seemingly incorruptible New World and Order rises in its place, like a 21-century risen Avalon. The youth of the world are perfectly primed and ready for such a change, as their far left-wing and liberal views have already tainted them to want to bring about that revolutionary change toward the New Age Order, built upon their own vision. However, their ongoing problem now and increasingly in the near future is that they are too blind to see that their new and greater "universal vision" that seemingly upholds mankind and sets a stage toward 'world peace' has already been created, manipulated, and established by those same globally-controlling elites from the Old World Order! The ruling Elites have seen to it that the current Order must fall if their master's New World Order is to begin. As such, this has been prepared for centuries ago and anything happening today is hardly newly devised. The elites still guard all the doors and hold all the keys, to quote one of their own films. It is they who've created the vacuum by which many in the anarchist world are rushing to fill in, seeing themselves as well-equipped avengers against "The World System," completely falling for the lie devised by those they only think they're against. In their own short-sightedness, as they can only see the obvious decoys of America and Israel dangling in their faces, while the true evil is protected in Europe to operate with impunity, even as they are always at the forefront for creating the next agenda for their 'truther' stooges to believe in, so that they may more perfectly establish the framework that best results in the piecemeal acceptance of "the Anti-Illuminati World Leader" coming, who will be none other than the Biblical Antichrist himself. Ironically, Prince William has already been touted in some alternative media as being completely "anti-Illuminati," thus, the stage is set, and the most grand of deceptions is nigh. As the New Age Movement continues to infect the reprobate minds of those ignorant enough not to even see it, its rank and file numbers will only increase as the world is given its signal that we must enter into a completely New Aeon or face the extinction of our species.

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These same loud voices will call out for global change, even a constitutional mandate for the entire world to shake off its current, dying, political and religious mandates, in order to save our One World and unlock its "Golden Age" possibilities. According to God's own text attributed to Him, such ideological thinking was first reasoned by a Serpent in a Garden long ago, citing man could become as God via changing the established beliefs man held, about himself *as* God. How could today's man, with all his superior advancements and great knowledge, be any less flattered, corruptible, or so easily beguiled? In the modern New Age Luciferian belief system, the world is an existing living entity and one that is equal to us, or dominates us, depending on which New Age author you are reading. They all say they believe the earth is a living entity needing to be nurtured and cared for more than it has been since the Industrial revolution, something which is blatantly obvious, yet that single and obvious well-sounding belief and foundational tenant has done more to capture already liberal-minded people into accepting all the rest of the New Age agenda, therefore much of the New Age's own trappings of world peace, global healing, and everything else that is obvious we need in the world is acting as the well-manicured front, a cover to mask its real sinister intentions while bringing into its fold countless millions, just as it was originally designed to do. Now while the New Age Movement does espouse honesty, integrity, love, peace, etc., it also wants to assimilate all those same Godly ideals into the context of a very Anti-Godly belief system. A disproportionate amount of New Age Movement books, articles, and texts contain the word “self” or self-help, etc. This is because man, either in the singular sense, or the allegory of collective mankind, is always the central figure (as he is the one Satan is trying to deceive) for example, one must constantly ascend, achieve the next higher degree and improve one’s “self” to become one with nature and god (or Goddess). They deny God because the New Age 'god' is impersonal with no specific requirements as to morality, belief, and behavior, or judgment. This is why the eastern mysticism and now New Age incorporated idea of reincarnation appeals so much to them. With it, there is no judgment, there is no eternal punishment. In so doing, they have fallen for Satan's oldest and most well known lie, that we can become our own God's if we simply deny God and instead accept Lucifer who alway seems to have man's own interests. Only later does man discover it was all to promote Satan's own agenda of human destruction.

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This is not by accident either; as we all should know by now there is a shadow order who have very strict intentions about humanity’s future, especially building a world-wide centralized control-system which is dressed up in a pretty outfit so it’s welcomed by the masses. Anyone who has their critical thinking engaged can see that this dark Occult agenda has influenced the New Age movement, just like it has with basically everything else. The fact remains that the divide and conquer strategy is rampant among the truth and freedom movements. Not only that, certain concepts and themes have been pushed within spiritual circles to not just deactivate us, but dehumanize us.

4 Ways the New Age Movement Has Tricked You


Of course, despite the vast global ignorance of those who wish to remain blind for their entire lives, the Bible predicted it all, from Cain's lineage to the Antichrist himself, not to mention the attributes of today's New Age adherents with the following found in 2Timothy Chapter 3 "This know also, that in the Last Days perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves, having a form of Godliness (desiring peace, unity, and love for all) but denying the Power thereof. From such, turn away." In other words, in the Last Days, along with Antichrist there will arise those that have a form of Godliness and Godly attributes, yet deny God. Does not the same Scriptures teach us that denying God, as the Father and Son, is the spirit of Antichrist? Therefore, what the Scriptures are actually telling us is that the New Age Movement today and all its current followers are, in effect, the very spirit of the Antichrist, as they will be the ones to formulate and work for his future globalized religion, even as they are already doing. From such we are to turn away from, yet what if someone were to effectively show them the Hell they are going to bring upon our children, and upon us all, what if we resisted this coming New Order? The Bible actually tell us that there will be an effective Resistance Movement countering the Antichrist Order at the time of his reign. This prophecy is found in the Book of Daniel 11:32-35 and details how it is mostly comprised of newly converted Israeli/Jewish Believers in Christ, who despite how the Antichrist openly mocks the God of the Bible during the latter half of his reign, shall then become acutely aware of and 'know their God,' performing great exploits in the Name of God. However, as the prophecy goes on to explain, many of them will be hunted down and killed by forces of the Antichrist, and die as Christian martyrs. These forces of the Antichrist will certainly comprise all facets of the global New Age Antichrist society, offering up Christians to be executed thinking they are doing their 'god' a service. This proves that while the New Age Movement and its followers might believe in the attributes of love, 'God-sanctioned homosexuality,' and seemingly Godly tolerance overall, it is all an empty sham and counterfeit of Satan to ensnare the unsaved world. In time, Satan's Antichrist will have so twisted the minds of that future "Utopian society," many of its New Age citizens that once expoused tolerance and peace will eventually outright hate, hunt down, and murder anyone professing Christ as their King, as well as being staunch pro-life and anti-gay, believing these true Christians to be the greatest hinderance to world peace. Christ Himself prophesied of this, that they shall hate us who bear His name, even delivering us up to the magistrates, and judges, to be put to death. In this, fear not for the Scripture states that, while losing this life, we shall yet 'possess our souls,' meaning, for eternity.

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Meanwhile, back on earth, because a great majority of Antichrist's Kingdom worship demons, and will allow their bodies to be used as spiritual conduits, meaning, possessed by other entities not themselves, is precisely why many New Age books today speak to allowing "walk-ins," dead loved ones, ancestral beings, "light-beings," ghosts, ascended spirits, aliens, or "benign angels" to enter their bodies. Of course, this is nothing more than demonic possession, whereby a greater gateway is created allowing increasingly more wicked spirits to come thru into this world, to live out their last days in bodily form, as opposed to those unfavored "dry places" that Christ referenced by which demons dwell when in-between possessing humans or animals. The Bible clearly warns us that we are to remove ourselves from such people who engage in Occult practices, for in their own ignorance have they given themselves over to the same curse as the Devil they unknowingly worship. Thus, in their own insolence have they chosen their fate, and punishment, not heeding the many warnings given by God in His word not to tamper with demonology, black magick, and the Occult. Jesus also said of this: "As the days of Noah were (when demons began to infect man) so shall the same be at the Return of Christ. Therefore from the most radical New Age believer to those caught somewhere in between, in time everyone will see what this New Age Movement is bringing upon the world - Final Armageddon at the hands of the Antichrist, period. There is no amount of space given to which I cannot stress that one single point enough. Satan and his seed upon this planet are quickly rounding up and infecting an entire army of people in order to stand with him both at the time Antichrist appears, as well as when Christ returns to judge the world at Armageddon, seven years later. Of course, being that the adherents of this New Age generation have unwittingly followed Lucifer himself, God is ready, even certain, to judge accordingly every one that has chosen the Fallen Angel Lucifer over the Risen Lord Christ. Our Creator has set before us Life (Christ) and Death (Satan/Anti-Christ), telling us to choose Life (Deut. 30:19), yet just as it was for the Angels before us at the time of Lucifer's War against Heaven, it is still, as then, ultimately our choice alone. Satan can only counterfeit what God has in store for the world, global peace, unity, and eternal life prosperity, therefore his attempt at counterfeiting that true New Age in Heaven with his false "New Age" on earth is merely the counterfeit all that God has prepared for us.

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GLASTONBURY/AVALON: The Official New Age capital and Occult Mecca within the Pagan's world going as far back to the ancient Druids. It sits upon the most powerful ley line in Britain, the same ley line which also passes through Buckingham Palace, where Prince William grew up as a child. The Tor was believed to be the gateway to Anwwn, the Celtic Heaven or Otherworld, a gateway to the dark twilight realm of the dead where spirits travel back and forth into our world from the depths of Annwn (Hell). Because of this belief, Glastonbury Tor has been called the 'holiest earthe of all England' and 'the most pagan of hills' by pagans who deem it to be their version of the mythic World Mountain, where heaven meets earth. It was and still is a beacon to those in modern witchcraft, Wicca, neo-Druidism, new age, as well as certain Theistic sects of Satanism, and is forever to be seen as a stronghold to those souls who purposefully venerate and worship the Sidhe; the old gods (demons). As a result, Glastonbury Tor to those in the know, is in effect Satan's Zion, his temple on earth from which the coming Antichrist will also have a special affinity toward, as well as other places throughout Britain which also hold important Occult significance for one reason or another. There is a folk belief that alludes to the creation of the 'hollow hill' of Glastonbury Tor as being the result of a fallen beast from the sky who crashed into the earth creating a vast tunnel deep below the surface, and that 'strange angels' or creatures can be seen all around the area surrounding it, which might answer why 'ufo sightings' as well as other Occult phenomena are still associated with Glastonbury and its Tor to this very day. I've also noticed a very disturbing trend of late regarding Glastonbury, and that is it is also trying to be the international site where Conspiracy Cons (conferences) are held, with speakers such as David Icke, Ian Crane, Michael Tsarion, etc, all in attendance. This is dangerous because what's really happening here is that Glastonbury [the Mythic Avalon of King Arthur] is attempting to set itself up as the anti-New World Order capital of the world, and seen as the one place on earth whereby the "truth" is made known, when in fact, it was, is, and will be Satan's New World capital.

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As such, Antichrist will use Glastonbury in the future as his One-world Center for Transformation whereby people everywhere can travel there to become not enlightened, spiritually awakened or "freed," as they'll be led into believing, yet spiritually twisted, completely brainwashed, and supernaturally deceived! In short, Avalon is growing at an alarming rate into becoming something far suprassing just the "Occult Mecca of the World" and into something more akin to the Antichrist's version of a future "New Jersualem." Click Here. Another legend referring to it as 'Dragon Hill' has it that a great serpent, wounded, fell from the heavens and washed up on the ancient shores of Britain where he was tended by Druid priests where the Tor rests today, which is to explain why the peculiar Dragon shape can be seen from above as forming this massive 500 foot hill which seemingly has the outline of a large dragon, its serpentine body spiraling upward. Interestingly, the Tor of Avalon even crosses paths with the Magdalene mythos as it is believed by some within the Occult that the former harlot herself was buried at the very top, where St. Michael's Tower stands today. Every year, thousands of counter-culture, pagans, druids, wiccans, witches, and others flock within the confines of Glastonbury Tor, climbing its spiral/spine to witness a portion of the mystery that has long been attributed to Avalon, to imagine what was and what will be again. In ancient times, Glastonbury was called Ynys Witrin, or Glass island, yet is better known by the name Avalon, the reputed burial site of King Arthur and the place from which legend states he shall return again. Curiously, another piece of the Antichrist identity is found within Glastonbury itself, as its infamous ruined Glastonbury Abbey is reputed to be the burial site of King Arthur, that was found to be precisely 666 feet long. The Glastonbury Tor itself will also be represented at the 2012 Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympic Games to be held in London. Also planned is the Glastonbury Thorn tree at the apex of the hill, instead of Saint Michael's Mount, an obvious Christian symbol. The Glastonbury Thorn Tree, connected to Joseph of Arimathea, and thus Christ Himself, is not well known among the global masses, but a large "World Tree" (not unlike the YggDrasil, or the Occult 'Tree of Life') taking its place, will have a more apparent pagan significance. It is planned that all of the national flags of the world will surround the base of the Tor, while the Tree takes greater prominence, as if to portray the world united under its Arthurian influence, which certainly is the larger point. It was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil by which Satan held dominion over mankind ever since.

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Glastonbury has spawned a growing, worldwide movement of paganism that has not ceased from the dark ages when Celtic Briton was shrouded in ancient mists to the present day. Since the time of Christ, the movement has easily been able to effectively switch between two personas, for while being the Occult Mecca of the world, it has managed to go under a faked Christian identity in the face of a powerful Roman Church in order so they would never be destroyed, and always be able to carry on their secret work in preparing the world for their false Messiah to come. The decoy religion they created as a result is today called Mystic Christianity, and to a lesser extent, it is also referred to as Celtic Christianity. Both teach the same heretical revelation called 'The Traditions of Glastonbury' [See the 10 part video below] which states that as a Child, Christ spent His "lost years" in Britain, supposedly taught by Druids who are the source then accredited for leaving their imprint on His later three year ministry. Furthermore, they also teach that King Arthur was related to Christ (and King David), with Arthur being a tenth descendant from Joseph of Arimathea (Mary's brother) as if to establish a direct bloodline & spiritual connection between Christ, the Son of God, and Antichrist, Son of Satan. The Traditions of Glastonbury speaks about King Arthur directly, claiming him to be a literal descendant of Jesus Christ. In effect, this belief is nothing less than then what the Bible calls an end-time teaching of demons and doctrine of Devils, for it prepares weak, liberal, minds into accepting the coming Antichrist as a seemingly God-sanctioned new Messiah figure. in fact, because of the Traditions of Glastonbury, we have "Celtic Christianity," which works on a very subtle level to youth into the Occult. It is these same Occult-led 'Celtic Christians' of today which are seducing Christian traditionalists to shift their thinking as to prepare them for a new kind of Christianity to come. Already there are those seemingly representing the Catholic Church albeit in pagan Glastonbury form that is attempting to bring together Christians, Jews, and Witches together under one common belief that shall serve as the foundation for the coming globally-unified "church" under the command of the False Prophet and the Antichrist, an entirely new religion that ultimately places the Antichrist as some kind of Alchemical Solar Christ presiding over a New Age.

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The Celtic Druids: An ancient Pagan priesthood who worshipped the "forces of nature" as gods, the chief of which being an extremely ancient Sun God they called 'Lugh' (Lucifer). Today, self-professed Druids around Britain and the world claim the ancient Celtic religion for themselves, yet they are hardly authentic priests of original Celtic Druidism or should in any way be called Druids. Much of the original Druidic culture and wisdom was vanquished at the hands of Roman invaders circa 450 AD. Moreover, Druidic wisdom was never written down, but was a magickal tradition passed from one generation to the next leaving little of authentic Drudism that can be discerned after the Roman destruction by those who vainly think themselves to be actual Druids today. For much in the same way that Cainites breed only their own stock and in so doing pass the ancient secrets of their heritage from one generation to the next, so too it is with (authentic) Druidism. Evidences of Celtic Druidism is still found in the most rural areas along the wind-swept plains, craggy shores, and stone-circles of Britain and Wales even today, yet they themselves are so utterly elusive that nothing about the reality of these more authentic descendants of ancient Druids can be said with any absolute air of certainty, which is ironically in line with their traditional covert nature. One rite we know that is still practiced by those carrying on the original Druidic tradition from the dark ages is the rite of human sacrifice, whose similarities are also seen in theistic Satanism today (theistic Satanism is descended from ancient Celtic Druidism). The Celtic Druid prophecy about a Celtic King to return who reestablishes the Druid religion as well as carrying out their ancient vengeance against the Church which destroyed them is something yet to be. From the Druids such illuminated wisdom came, and according to them, its inherent wisdom of Light will return.

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The power of Avalon, and indeed, the entire Arthurian legend, is not a fancy of days gone by. We need only look around us to find ample proof of its relevancy. Tales of Arthur, Morgan Le Fay and Merlin fill today’s bookshelves. Psychologists, fantasy writers, Celtic scholars and personal growth proponents have all gained insight...many Wiccan and Pagan groups draw heavily from the realm of Arthur and find a path of spiritual growth symbolized in the Quest for the Grail and the Code of Chivalry. At the end of his life, Arthur was borne on the barge to her [Avalon's] shores to await Britain’s need. So too has Avalon’s memory been kept alive through the tales of that Once and Future King. Hidden in shadow, the barest glimmer of all which once was Avalon whispers to us from the traditions of Arthurian legend. And, like Arthur, her re-emergence comes at a time of great need.

The Sisterhood of Avalon

When this celestial Round Table manifests on earth, it will be chaired by a Merovingian descendant of King Arthur who was the fabled Guardian of the Grail during his particular era of history. Another New Age book titled 'The Light Shall Set You Free' recalling 'King Arthur's olde mandate' at Glastonbury Avalon confirms that England will be the future center for world Transformation. It will be through 'the Grail in England' that the energies of transformation and ascension will be channeled, which eventually will bring the Earth into the 7th Golden Age.

You cannot escape destiny. You cannot escape change. Join the future in unity. And look for him to come as well, for he will come. He will show the way. The voice of Albion, Let it be. The King Stag [Cernunnos/Satan] will appear as Guardian, the Great Bear at his heels, then will the Golden Age be upon us. Resist and your world will be destroyed. Resist and I shall destroy you myself.

Arthur, Dragon-Son come to life, will you walk once again by my side?

The Lost Books of Merlyn p. 15-16, 282

To save the Earth [from destruction]
One is brought back into modern times
To recover and teach an Ancient Magic
The world is then forced to a New [World] Order

The Quatrains speak of an individual being 're-born of Arthur' to lead the Druidic re-construction. He is 'the One' from the 20 + 1 on whose head success or failure seems to lie. He also appears to be the same 'One' who is charged with joining the Three Lost Books in One, in accord with [a much] older prophecy.

The Lost Books of Merlyn p. 402, 400

This book figures around the retelling and clarification of an obscure and scattered series of Welsh tales concerning the boyhood of King Arthur, collected from a variety of sources including the National Museum of Wales, local populace, rare manuscripts both published & obscure (some housed in private collections in Wales/England and the public and University libraries at Cardiff, Oxford, London & Dublin. All accounts deal with the apprenticeship of the boy-King Arthur, under the mentorship of Merlyn, the last of the Druids, who represents the culmination of Britain's mystic past.

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn p. 1

Merlin permeates most Western magical traditions, Aleister Crowley being no exception, thus we have a wide field to explore. We have in Merlin the exemplification of shamanism. Merlin also offers an additional perspective into the "Enochian Visions." Merlin does not die, Merlin is not just an obscure figure of legend and history, but a very real force to be embraced.

Temple of Set: The Order of Merlin

I believe that the Chalice is destined to become the symbol for the New Age dawning, and it is my hope that Chalice Well may once more fulfill the inspiring mission of acting as a gateway through which revelation for coming times may flow, radiating from there [Avalon] across Britain and the world. It is my conviction that the people of our island [England] will be given the opportunity once more to lead humanity out of the present darkness into 'the Light.'

This statement appeared in the afterword to Men Among Mankind (1962) by Brinsley le Poer Trench (1911-1995). The same book carries a foreword by Leslie Orley, editor of [the UFO publication] Orbit, and the two contributions nearly frame Trench's interests. In between is a curious and sometimes breathless mixture of historical speculation, British patriotism, Avalonian ideals, and Atlantean lore.

Atlantis and the Cycles of Time

This book is a necessary initiatory construct that is designed to trigger the psychic synapses and so enable the reader to soar into the glittering realms of another reality... I welcome Robert Coon to the ranks of the ageless esoteric Brotherhood, the "Company of Avalon"; he joins an august Order that stretches from Atlantis to Aquarius and beyond.

Voyage to Avalon: An Immortalist's Introduction to the Magick of Glastonbury


Since King William V will have turned 30 years of age on June 21 2012, which is the same age Christ was at the beginning of His three year ministry, when He was baptized by John and immediately anointed by God as Israel's King, as well as the same age King David was when he was anointed as King of Israel. One would also be wise to pay close attention three years later, on the Summer Solstice of 2015, when the young Merovingian King turns 33, the age Christ was when He was crucified and His earthly work ended, as this might be the fateful year when the earthly work of Antichrist would begin. Closer to the present, and as the year 2012 plays itself out, 2012 will certainly prove to be a vital year in regards to the British Royal family, beginning in early June 2012, with the celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 'Diamond Jubilee' (60th year) on the Throne. Only one month later, also in London, comes the London 2012 Olympic Games, officially known as the London Games of the XXX Olympiad, held July 27 to August 12 of the ill-fated year. The fact that Britain is turning increasingly into a Orwellian police-state, with the games only further expediting the sheer numbers of close circuit monitoring and secret control over the masses, certainly Britain sees itself, already, and London specifically, as the epicenter of Masonic global control. With so much going on in London in the Summer of 2012, certainly the eyes of the whole planet shall be upon London during that time, as well as on the Royal Family itself, and no where is that manufactured light shone brighter than upon Prince William and his new wife, as carefully orchestrated by those who make these global events happen. The very fact that the opening ceremony of the XXX Olympics amounts to a giant Occult ritual in itself, with Prince William seated so prominently in attendance, as they showcase Britain's unique role to an ancient magickal abode that was King Arthur's Avalon, should speak volumes to the extent in which our Cainite Overlords will go in their attempt at placing William as "Lion King" over the world. The 2012 Occult Olympics WILL have its global effect on the minds of those still blind to how the Occult and its New World Order plan manifests its will upon us all, and shall go down into the history books being one of many attempts at brainwashing the entire world toward the inevitability of the coming Antichrist, arising from London, with the enigmatic Tor of Arthur's Avalon being his dark spiritual center or the so-called "future center for world Transformation" according to Occult sources.

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Remember, it is still Occultists who control this world, and its events that may or may not become a part of history and the historical record. Notice how Glastonbury Tor, so strongly connected to, and tethered with, the Arthurian-Masonic and Occult archetype, was placed at the head of the Olympic Stadium, and ceremony, complete with all of the world's flags placed around its base, as if to show Glastonbury is already the spiritual center of the world, now. The fact that this mock-up of the Glastonbury Thorn Tree (with the world's flags all around its base) was also placed exactly where Kensington Palace sits, only further proves what the overall message was to convey, that Prince William, the Future King, shall rule over all of the world, as a King Arthur. Such a memorable scene such as the globally-viewed 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony perfectly shows just how far King Arthur and the entire Celtic mythos is being thrust deep into our modern era, and in so many other ways via the media, in the films we take our children to see, and even in many of the localized community "green" or globalization events some of you reading may take part in. It is literally everywhere now, sometimes subtle and increasingly not as subtle. Clearly, all the Occult signs are already in place for something potentially disastrous to happen. The Olympic logo, which even looks like puzzle pieces to be solved, took over a year to design in 2007, to the cost of £400,000. Carefully 'put together,' the five pieces clearly form a perfect anagram for "ZION," whereby even the "i" is dotted to make it complete. (This is not some mere coincidence, and proves a strong indication of direct Masonic involvement into the global games, as before, in 2008.) I've stated for over a decade in this very website that the British Royal Family and their Masonic ties with British-Israelism play a pivotal role in the same coming events that end in Antichrist, whilst having Masonic fingerprints all over it. The events about to transpire in London are clearly no exception, and they will use the event as a major subliminal advertising toward establishing Prince William as Zion's King, with the target of this psy-mind operation being directed at Israel itself. Another aspect about the increasingly promoted XXX Olympics that would make it directly connected with Israel, is the date it begins.

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the date of July 27th of 2012 just so happens to fall on the most infamous and ill-fated date within all the Jewish calendar, called Tisha B’Av (the Ninth of Av). This is the same ancient date that saw both destructions of the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem, albeit some 600 years apart. The Occult message being sent to the world, therefore, is that British Royalty, and specifically Prince William, is the 30-year old, anointed, "King of Zion" and that ultimately, he shall bring about the next destruction of the Jewish (Third) Temple, as that British "Zionist" King. That said, one could only imagine as to what kind of intense hype the puppets within the global media have planned for the world watching, knowing that the Future King William V will have just turned thirty years of age on the Summer Solstice, five weeks before the Olympic events in London get underway, considering that was the exact same age Christ was upon His public Baptism and being anointed of Spirit by which Christ became possessed by the Holy Spirit, and officially became 'the King of Israel.' Naturally, the Antichrist should have no less of a public spiritual awakening at age thirty, albeit in a counterfeit way. Instead of the ego-liberating Holy Spirit of God by which he should be saved, he is indwelt by Satan's own beguiling, controlling spirit, in direct opposition to anything called God. Instead of being baptized by Holy waters, the Antichrist is baptized with the blood of innocents, and washed in the deaths of thousands, a fitting start to his own later bloody reign of terror. Perhaps intriguing to some reading this, the Olympic games have been used before by the Illumined powers in control, to put forth their secret Occult signs and symbols, because just like anything where there is mass viewership, those in the Occult believe that common people can be slowly indoctrinated, educated, and finally infused with the force that lies behind the Occult. They also believe such a mass global demonstration of people bound together by viewing the games, provide them the perfect captive audience for new and even more subtle brainwashing techniques, toward the goal of establishing a grand, global Luciferian indoctrination, by which the world sees Lucifer as similar to the Olympic torch carrying god, Promethius, a benign being who gave mankind the "light of (God's) Wisdom" freely, when nothing could be further from the truth. Satan only cares about establishing himself as God, whilst destroying anything of God, and taking down with himself, as many of us as he can.

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Before the opening of the Olympics comes the Torch Relay ceremony in which runners are depicted as the Bringer of Light, e.g., Promethius, the "one who stole fire (Knowledge of Good and Evil) from Heaven" and gave it to man, whose myth is certainly built around Lucifer himself, the so-called "Bringer of Light" who has since become the standard bearer, literally, of the ancient Greek Olympics themselves, to the present day. Look for this Torch Relay to occur on May 18th (6+6+6=18) 2012, as runners run thru key British towns around the nation toward London, July 27th. Once the 'Torch Bearer' lights the fire which officially begins the Games, the Opening Ceremony begins, which also depicts some kind of Satanic reference and or message from those who control such events, want to get across, subliminally. For example, in the games from 2008, a clear representation of the Tower of Babylon was burnt, depicting the dying of the old world Order and the beginning of the New Order. Specifically, the 2008 ceremony was in keeping with the Bible prophecy in Revelation 18:16 where the Beast, who with his Ten Kings, shall "hate the Whore [of Babylon] and burn her with fire." We should expect no less a ceremony in 2012, especially, in London, home territory of the Freemason and the Antichrist King himself, and on the date which is well-known to be the "unluckiest date" in the entire ancient Jewish calendar. Interestingly, the Stadium used for the Games strikes me as representing the Arthurian Round Table itself, with everyone in it, including every viewer by satellite, as its supposed 'Knights.' Other Arthurian subliminals, for example, the representation of Glastonbury Tor (King Arthur's Avalon) to be prominently placed within the stadium, having all of the world's flags placed at its base, would certainly hold meaning relating to the status of the Antichrist's own Avalon, the spiritual place from where he arises from to take the reigns of global power.