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Well, it looks like you finaly found the doll part of my site. ;) If your here you've probably found a link to my site somewhere (there aren't many, that I know of at least) or you know me in person, and I gave you the URL to my site, and if your the latter you probably have no prior experience with this type of doll. (unless your the book wyrm ;) So, for a rather thorough overveiw, Dolls (also called Dollz and Avatars) are rather small (usually) graphics of cartoon like people. Bases are the main body without clothes, very few people add lots of detail, its usually just a basic outline, and is used by more "experienced" people to make dolls.(they "put on" the clothes, hair, facial features, any accesories and, if they feel like it, animate it) Most beginners to making dolls start off with drag-and-drops. The name is pretty self explanitory, its a bunch of images the you can drag around a page and drop them were you want to make a doll, with clothes, head, body, and accessories all being separate images that you can layer on top of each other. Of course, there are always people who don't fit into the "norm" and who skip drag-and-drops entirely and just go straight to bases (or never do anything exept drag-and-drops). I wasn't one of those people, but thats mostly because I didn't find out about bases until about a month after I discoverd a couple drag-and-drops (which was over a year ago, I first found out about dolls in a store owned by one of the members of neopets). There isn't many stages after starting to make dolls with bases,I would consider animation one of them, but I've seen dolls from drag-and-drops animated, making a web page of dolls could fit into most places (except the very first, which is finding out about dolls...which i forgot to say before), and making your own bases or even a drag-and-drop. Dolls first started in a program called the Palace (a form of a chat room, which I have never used, or even looked at) and were (and in some cases still are, has far as I know) used has images to represent the people in the program (which is why some people call them avatars.) Which covers about everything. (There is a link on my links page to a site that covers doll history, made by the creator of the very first doll)

Now, for the people with previous doll experience...


I'm sure by now you know all the common rules, and I'm hopeing you are curtious enough to follow them, and a warning for those who arn't, you can get into BIG trouble if your caught, which probably will happen. And I'm going to follow all the basic rules. All these dolls are copyrightd by me, so you can put them on your web site (adopting), but you must link back to this site, if not the image then a text link located very near the image. You can't take my dolls and call them your own, and recoloring one of my dolls and calling it your own isn't an option either. Direct linking is also not an option, it steals my bandwidth and makes it so that my site doesn't work as well, lukily this hasn't hapend yet, and I never want it to, so don't directs link. (direct linking is getting the location of an image and linking directly to it, and putting it up on your site that way, to not direct link you must save it to your own computer and then upload it to your site, if you have webTV, angelfire has a program that copies a file from a site and saves the entire thing to your internet space, since people with webTV can't save images. I don't know if other servers have a program like that, I only have experience with two difrent ones, and the other one did not have anything like the transloader.) If you adopt one of my dolls, please either sign my guest book, or send me an e-mail ( ) so I can see it's new enviroment.
One last warning, I like to type some info about my dolls, most of them have at least one sentance about them, some quite a bit more. Has you'll soon see.

New Dolls

Yes, this is a doll of me. though there is some inconsistanceies...(i forgot to put my oval, black-rimmed glasses on her, then decided she would look better without them) The top is my favorite one (I got it on my 16th B-Day) and its has two unicorns in real life, and those lines are suposed to be the degrees the sky is sometimes showed seperated by (yes, constelations are on the shirt, I just didn't have enough room to do them) and i couldn't do them has even has they are on the shirt.... in the pic i am wearing my fav, well-worn, pair of black jeans. the pic as no shoes on cause I like to go bare foot. I really would wear green lipstick if i had some. The hair is as close to mine as i can get it, though it isn't curly or messy enough. and last, but not least, i realised that the eyes arn't a dark enough grey-blue. But I still really like the doll!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Ah... this is Darcie... I think her name is fitting too, but I might offend her if I type it out... and that could end badly... ;)
Meet Shaylee, whose name means Fairy princess of the field. (yes, i like to name my dolls with names that have meanings that fit them;)
I named this doll Melina, which means bright yellow, I thought it rather fitting. ;)
This is my first doll with butterfly wings.
I love her hair!
This is a kind of like a dress I tried on, I really liked it. :)