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The Story Teller's space :)

Welcome to my home page!Right now I have just Dolls for people to look at, adopt, and bases for people to use. I'll have some stories up soon, one of which is very close to being ready (well, the first two chapters). Please sign my guest book, I'd greatly appreciate seeing what people think of what I have on this site. :) If you want to contact me in another way then my e-mail is

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My Projects

  • Schoolwork,
  • My most rescently thought up story,
  • Chapter two of The Return of Magic,
  • A beaded cloak for a doll,
  • Searching for supplies to make a custom pony (its an mlp imitator),
  • The story I'm doing with TBW,
  • This site,
  • Attempting to get 50,000np on Neopets, though I'm no were near that yet,
  • Finding a good image converter program (I have a bunch of dolls I did that I'd love to put up here),
  • Finnish a portrait of me and TBW (as a dragon),
  • A bunch of Sim Families and clothes for them,
  • And last, but not least, trying to get my room and my life organized.