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These dolls are all charaters either in books, movies, or stories that I, or my friend the bookwyrm, has written.


This is a doll I made today(02-26-02) and it took me about four hours to do. She is Senator Amidala of Naboo. ;)from star wars episode 2.
P.S. ok, when i made this i put her togather from multiple pictures, since the whole costum wasn't in any pic i had. Now i have seen the whole costum, and I now know I made a whole bunch of mistakes on her, but I still like her, so I am leaving her has is.


This is Laurana, an Elven princess in the DragonLance: Autumn Twilight (by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman). I had to guess at her clothes, cause no where in the book did it say what she wore......that I saw, at least.


This is a Drow (dark elf). She is a priestess of the Demon-Queen Lloth. She isn't actually modled after any character in the books...but the forgoten realms is her home;)

The Story by the Bookwyrm and I


Alara is a main character of one of my favorite stories(that i'm writing with the book wyrm). I've made lots of dolls of her(and her children;). You can always tell when it's Alara because she has red, curly hair, purple eyes and almost always wears light blue.

This is Alara with Steven, her chosen one (they don't exactly have marriage at that point on the world were they live.)


These two are modeled after two of the Book Worm's characters. The blue haired one is named Skie (best friend to Alara) and is really not human, she just changed her shape to look human. Same goes for her "boyfriend" Sharmen, though Skie doesn't know it...yet.


I spent alot of time on this animation. I also LOVE animations! (not to mention this one!) By the way, this is Espe(meaning hope), who is the oldest of Alara's children, by about 10 mins. Her twin, Tat has an animation too, but I made a mistake on it and am fixing that. Espe has red, wildly fuzzy hair, but she also has a blond streak on her left side, purple eyes, like her mother, and has no color prefrence for clothes, though she sometimes imitates her mother and wears blue.

This is another version of Espe.


His name is Keith(i italisised cause my mom couldn't tell that he is a he, so other people might not be able to tell either:( ) and he is the older brother to Alara. if your staring at him going, "whats wrong with his eyes!" well, like his sister, Keith was geneticly modified before birth(after all it'd be kinda hard to do that after birth;) and when he is either using magic or feeling particularly strong emotions his eyes glow. Not to mention, he is not a good person, which makes his eyes glowing even creepier..... if you were ever to venture into the story he resides in, that is;)