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All contests and contest related stuff is on this page.

Magic Contest

This contest is in honor of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers coming out in theaters. Any magic related people/creatures (witches, wizards, centars, fairies, mermaids ect.) or any character/s from the afore mentioned movies can be the subjects of your entry.


  1. you can use any base, mine, someone elses or yours.
  2. the image must be saved as a gif or, if you must, a jpg.
  3. keep the empty space around the doll to a minimum.
  4. The entries are due by December 30, voting will start January 2 and end January 20.
  5. The doll (all details except the base, and face if the base comes with one) must be done by you, the one entering the doll into this contest.
  6. E-mail your entry as an attachment to

My Contest Entries

Well, I don't have any contest entries right now.

My Contest Winners

Ok, so I have only one winner, but they were the first animated dolls I made, and I still love them!

Meet the band... GRRRLPOWER!