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Andromida is a rerun tonight, so I'm adding this in today instead of tomorrow! I have some things to say about the last week. First off, last friday the book worm came for a visit! :D we went mlp shoping, but we didn't find any and we ended up getting fossils, rocks, beads and gloworms instead. oh ya, and i got three really cool shells! and a "gem" making kit for really cheap at a thrift store. I almost forgot, we also got books for cheap at an antiques store. Any way, when we were at the mall saterday night we spent two hours looking at and trying on dresses at a fancy dress store. We guessed on my sizes and almost all the ones I picked out that i liked fit me! Unfortunantly, the bookworm didn't find and dresses that fit her well:( but she found lots that she liked! I've been making dolls of the ones that fit me the best and that i liked the best. there was lots of snow this week. we almost had blizard conditions one morning. it was really cold! any way, i can't remeber anything else intesting to put up right now. hope someone sends me an e-mail, its a pretty empty inbox right now:(
I was minding my own business, and giving my first page a new layout (purple starry back ground, bright green text, poll on what people think of that combo) when I decided to give my guest book at that site the same layout. It refused, I did all the html work nessisary and it just went back to the way it first was when i clicked save! After about an hour and a half of getting mad at the comp for its repeated failures, I decided to check the second part of the guest book and see all of the coments people made about my site. Only to discover that all of the posts had been deleted, and not by me! The only other person who has acess to this computer is my mom, and she doesn't know the first thing about making a web site with html. She maintains a web site for her work, but she uses a wysiwyg program, no html involved for her. So I know that my mom had nothing to do with the erasel of all the posts in my guest book. After staring in shock for a few moments I decided to just delete the guest book and start from scratch (this wasn't the first time it had given me way to much trouble). When I deleated the page I went back to my front page to remove the link to the guest book... AND THE WHOLE PAGE HAD BEEN DELEATED! It was back to a blank page, all my hours of work gone before I could save the source(you know, the right click veiw source thing?). I was devistated! The page looked cool...i wanted to know if other people thought the same way...and that was the last straw. After 4 months of having that site undo all my hard work, when I explicitly tell it NOT to, And generaly being a pain, I decided enuf is enuf! that site is history! I am only keeping up a little of it, so that if people go to that site they will know that I have moved. Now I have a bunch of work to do on this site also! which doesn't bother me, cause it has cooperated just fine so far. Another thing people should know about me, when I feel strongly about something (i.e. am mad about) then I can go on and on about it for a long time. Like I just did. But since this is a diary I am going to treat it like any other diary, and type from my 'heart' (or more approprietly, my mind) and if I go back over it I will only correct major typos, though I miss those alot:(. Oh well. Hope any one reading this had a better day then I did! I think I'm going to give this site the lay out I had intended for the other site. Hmmmmmm..... Yes, I will in a few minuets. That is supposed to be minutes, not minuets(a dance move). I'm going to use my infamose abbreviation for minutes from now on! (look for it in the abbreviation section at the top of this page;)
I'm putting up this site!:D Two days ago there was some weird weather here where I am! first, everything was overcast, then the sun started to set. Which cased the 'whole' world to turn yellowish/orange. Then it started to rain, hard. I saw 2 FULLY CONECTED DOUBLE RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!!! then hail started to fall. I was with a girl from Taiwan who had never before seen hail. I told her a little about hail, but i didn't get into much detail. We both wished we had a camera, but for diff reasons, i think. I wanted to get some pictures of how sureal everything looked (because of the yellow/orangeish hew of everything) and she wanted to get a picture of the hail! though i think we both would have taken a picture or 2 of that rainbow! ;) Yesterday I was at a book store, and I read a litle of a book about protection from psicic attack. It was strange. Just so every body knows, I have an intrest in archiology, so i know a lot about belief systems of many people and many time periods, I am open minded, I'm usually strait forward(though i can be an expert at subtlty, when I feel like it), and I like to learn...A LOT! If you can't tell, I also like stories(especialy fantacy and sci-fi, but i'm not very exclusive in that matter) and art(drawing... both on parper and computers, I don't have much experience with painting, scupting ect.).