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These are my bases. I put alot of work into them, so I have a few rules as to their use.
1. Don't put them up on your site and say that you made them. (that includes and size/color/minor position change.) And putting them up on your site for download and saying I made them isn't an option either. If these ever show up in a drag-and-drop, I will be the one to put them there, no one else.
2. A link to my site (if you have a site and use the/a base/s to make a/ doll/s) would be appreciated, as would an e-mail so I can see what you've done with it, or you could just sign my guest book instead. :)
3. You can make them into any doll you can think of (creativity is good!:D) and you can use them as contest entries (edited, of course), but not in a base edit contest without my permission. (if its on my site it counts has my permision ;))

And here they are!