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Jace's Evil Home Page

(Yes, I finally found something better than the ugly fish. These are the wings for the Red Dragon I'm making for my daughter.)

My Favorite things about Evil.

My Favorite Web Sites

Tasia The Game, My DM's page
Free Web Building Help

My stuff

Campaign House Rules
Aremay My D20 character. (like the campaign, currently in Limbo) - now new and improved here
Simone The cute little boomer
Julie A little vampire backstory (warning, long)
Cynthia Evil minion.
Heather Another evil minion, as an epic character's cohort here
Evil Bastards My 3rd ed. D&D campaign.
For my DM
Magic Items
Iasiel's Fortress, the Dreadnought
Wiggin race stats
Prestige Classes
Ever wonder if an evil alignment is right for you?

I have D&D crap on this site. Everything I post is either originally mine or with consent of the writer (With the exceptions of the adds and ugly fish).Any reference or similarity to property of Wizards of the Coast hopefully falls under their open license agreements, which I post here as well (Please don't sue me)

Open Game License
D20 license
D20 Guide

I know I haven't done much with this site. I'm still learning HTML.

Wanna email me? Okay, but I warn you, I check it VERY infrequently....