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SNL Quotes (new)

"...In the year 2525, 

If network television can survive

And if Lourne Michaels is still alive...

There will be a Saturday Night Live"

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bulletThis Month's Weekend Update Transcript
bulletWorst Episode EVER: Johny Mosely (2002). It SUCKS ASS! throughout the episode i couldn't find one completely funny skit, except for Weekend Update (which can always save the day!) Good thing; following it, the next weed was Jon Stewart, one of the best ever...
Alright, I'm done with the words, brother... (and you can see why...)

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Best SNL (episodes, at least of the ones I've seen...)


Merry Christmas, Dammit! I have no idea...

Love-ahs: May 18, 2002

The Bloder Brothers: March 9, 2002

Delicious Dish: April 7, 2001

Delicious Dish: December 12, 1998

Hardball: April 13, 2002

Celebrity Jeopardy: March 20, 1999

Tales of Valour: January 19, 2002

Brain Fellow's Safari Planet: April 13, 2002


Ian McKellen's Monologue: March 16, 2002

Wenonah Ryder's Monologue: May 18, 2002

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For more Weekend Update Transcripts, go to

Note on the Transcripts: 

These are taken from the site to the left (for more transcripts...). I took them because they were from some of the best shows. Love- ahs, (one of the many) was from the 2002 season finale with Wenonah Ryder, and was Will Ferrell's last episode; also his last of many skits: celebrity jeopardy, Neal Diamond, and more.  The Bloder Brothers is from Jon Stewart (the 2nd best SNL), Hardball, also one of the many from the episode with The Rock, and I would've gotten Brian Fellow's Safari Planet if it was available. (but look for it coming soon- I'm making it myself). Delicious Dish was the first SNL skit (being 13 years old) that I  can remember, or at least the one that stood out the most, and is probably one of the best (although, yes, I've been watching SNL for more than a year). Look for more transcripts: Ozzy Osbourne from Alec Baldwin, 2002, Tales of Talour, Jack Black, 2002, and more.