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Hey, added a new hit counter. sigh the g book! I added a new story called "Punk". Read it. Newest are at bottom of list. I am so sorry! I havent updated "He's the reason I breathe" in a while. For some reason, I'm not really into it now. i'm working on a shortie called "Babies Orgy" which I hope will be up soon. I lost the disk with it on it so...I have this new puppy I have to take care of so I don't have much time!! lol ;) I'm working my ass off on a new longer story called "Pretty baby" which is going to be really good, but I don't know how long it will be until that's up. Sorry guys. I 'm realllllll busy. Although, I am going to put up a shortie called "The Subway" as soon as I can. For the new people around here, please read the site disclamer before reading any of my stories, ok? Enjoy. Please sign my guestbook if you liked my stories, I love comments of all sorts. Read my Dreambook!
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I love the Care Bears!

Updates for March 3rd, 2002 : I updated "He's the reason I breathe." More chapters to 'Punk' coming soon.

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