where do you find your reality?

I like candy. I've always liked candy. And I mean REAL candy, like jaw breakers and lollipops, not boys. Untill. I was a late bloomer. I didn't like boys until I was 13, and I liked Taylor Hanson. I thought he was adorable, a candy boy, a precious little thing. I used to rub candy apple flavored sucker juice on my "boyfriends" lips so that he'd taste sweet when I kissed him, and I could say he had sugar tasting lips to my friends. I sat in my tree, on a branch, and read the playboy issue where it was boys and girls, and that's how I learned. I discovered Taylor Hanson when I was twelve and alive. My friends said that he was small and why would you want him? 'cause he was only 14, but who cares what they said? He'd grow. I was in L-O-V-E. In Jan of 2001 I finally got to see Hanson live, and it exited me. I wanted Taylor. Yes, I did. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sure, Zac and Ike looked good, real good. But Taylor, well he was a god. I worshipped every single bead of sweat and every single hair on his body. By then, hell, I was a pro. I'd do him good. This is what I'd been waiting for. I'd planned to fuck him the second his hard ass left that stage. I was hot. Practically pulsating. My jeans were wet already. I needed him. How long had it been since I wanted him? 4 years? I was in the front, and damn, I had a great view. He saw me, I know it, cause he winked. Man, I was lost now. All i could think about was the feel of his hard dick inside of me, of running my hands down his lean stomach, tasting his lips. I was freaking out. Losing it. Tottaly unnaware to the noise and sweaty boppers around me who were so unlucky, yes they were. Why was this concert taking so long? A girl looked at me and said, she yelled it in my ear, "Great show, huh? Damn, he looks good, huh?" Taylor was leaning over the crowd, singing, his pants low on his hips . I could tottaly imagine what lay beneigh that zipper. Daaaaaaaamn, I was hot now. Control, control.... "Hell yeah, he is." I answered. What else to say? I'm gonna fuck him,and you ain't, ugly bitch and while I'm screaming in extasy, I'll laugh? The concert was almost over. My plan was going in action soon. All I had to do was go back stage after the show and persuade those pervert guards that I was sopposed to be there. Nothing to it. How hard was that? After the show I stood there for a sec and calmed myself down. I was covered in sweat. Thankfully, noone seemed to notice. I walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. Oh, lord. Ok. Calm down. I looked like shit. I fixed myself best I could, then walked back, smiled, and said to the first guard I saw "Hey, you think you could let me back stage? I just want to meet the guys you, know....talk. How about it?" I smiled. He smiled. "Well....They have this meet and greet thing going on now...but...well, I really should'nt." I smiled again and bent over to tie my shoe, an excedingly old trick, and exposed more cleavage then pamela anderson. His eyes widened. I stood up again. "Alright, well ok. I'm just such a big fan. Maybe next time?" I smiled. He looked torn." Well, you could go back for a sec. Dont let anyone see you, alright? I'll be in deep shit." Thank you Jesus. "Alright! Thank you so much!!!" I hugged the big, fat ugly thing, and I was off backstage. HAHA. I was here! I was getting hot already, just thinking about him. Here. In front of me. I saw then that the guard was behind me. "I have to tell them you're here." He said, I waited outside the door of a dressing room while he went inside. then he came back out again. "Sorry. Only Taylors in there, and he says come on in. I think the other two are in the back eating. Would you like me to go get them?" Ha. He was my slave. What a bit of tits will to a man. "Nah. Thanks anyways. I'll just go chat with Taylor." Just what I wanted. Him alone. This was working out great. "Alright then." He left. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I walked inside. Taylor was sitting on a couch. Wow. Oh shit. He was here. In front of me. "Uh, hey." What else could I say? Real smoothe, Amy. Geez. He turned around. "Hey." He looked deliciously surprized. "Yeah. Wow, your gorgeous. What's up?" I came at sat down next to him. No shyness. No time. Had to act. "Thank you." I stared at him. Wow. He was absolutly gorgeous in person. Amazing. He was wearing a white tank top and some sort of leather pants. He didn't look emmbarassed. Well, why should he, we were alone. "I loved your show. I'm your biggest fan." I smiled. He looked amused. "Well, thank you. It's amazing they let you back here. Security's real tight." I laughed. "Well, the guard liked me or some shit. I really didn't have a problem." I leaned back on the couch and fiddled with my bra strap. "This damn thing broke in the crowd. Some stupid teenie." He knew I was teasing him. He stared at my cleavage like he'd never seen tits before. "I'm Amy." I said. He snapped out of it and said,"Cool. I'm Taylor, but you probobly know that already." He laughed. Damn, now or never. "You have a girlfriend?" He shrugged. "Nah." He wanted me. I knew it. I could feel it. Smell it. Perfect. I was ready. "So, Taylor, what it like to have a bunch of half naked girls screaming to fuck you all he time?" He smiled. "IT's interesting, none the least. They're all so stupid, though. I dont know, they seem young." He laughed. "Most of them." He looked at me and licked his lips. Good. I was sick of this conversation. He leaned over next to me and wispered in my ear "How'd you like to get fucked by Taylor Hanson?" Oh shit. Ohhhhh yeah. I wispered back, "Bring it on." He kissed me then. And shit, he tasted SO sweet. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I savagely kissed him, almost bringing blood this time. I took off his shirt, and ran my hands down his well developed chest and arms. His hands played along the waist of my jeans. I know he was dying to touch me. I was really wet already. I took off my pants and threw them away. I leaned against the back of the couch and dragged him up to me. He picked me up and placed me on his lap. I grinded my hips against his rapidly growing hard-on. He rubbed me down until I was drenched in sweat, I felt almost nausious from the heat. He was on top of me then. He'd unzipped his pants... but I wanted him IN me. Now. He was waiting. driving me crazy. Making me beg. I ran my hands desperatly down his hard back, his lean waist, and I leaned my head back, as he kissed my neck and chest, tounge circling around my hard nipples. "You have such a nice body." I said. Oh daaaaaaaaamn. That felt good. "So do you, baby." His fingers were inside me, using short fast strokes......DAMN he was DRIVING ME CRazy. WHAT WAS HE WAITING FOR? He was ready. His majorly beautiful dick was rubbing against my legs, hard and hot and UNBEARABLE. "Taylor....fuck me. Please.. I mummbled. "Hmmm?" He asked, smiling, trailing his slightly long hair down my chest, making my quiver. I grabbed his dick and squeezed. I ment to hurt him. But he moaned. "Oh shit. Feels good...." I let go. "Fuck me." I wisperd, kissing him hard and soft at the same time, swirling my tounge in his mouth. I grinded my hips against him and brought my legs up over him hips and around his back. "Do it." He finally thrusted himself into me and I had to bit my lip to keep from crying out. The feeling of him inside of me.......It was incescribable. He moved against me and I was fucking HAPPY now. I put my head back and savored that feeling. I was almost burning, I was so hot. I was close............ Damn, I'm telling you, this boy fucks well.