UPDATED! TWO NEW CHAPS AT BOTTOM!! It's funny, I usually have about 4 different stories that I'm working on at once, i swear to myself that I won't start another one. But I always do! This story is really new, and its still in its early stages. It's sort of about the whole pathetic teenage society in general. About how were quick to judge, and shame, and ridicul, and ride other peoples pain to make our selves feel better about ourselves. And how friends can come in all the wrong places. As always, this story contains adult content. I'm not sure exactly how long it will be in the long run, but I'll be adding new chapters as soon as I can. If you have some sort of issue with this or any of my stories, please sign my G-book or email me. Thanks! This is a Zac story.

little girl
don't fuck with me
sex & pain
i wish she could know